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Human resource management
For Finance to meet its organisational goals, it must attract, develop and retain talented staff with appropriate capabilities and skills. To help achieve this, the department provides competitive remuneration, a major focus on learning and development and a professional and collaborative work environment supported by progressive human resource practices. The department’s human resource policies and employment framework are intended to provide a compelling employment proposition to meet the needs and developmental expectations of current and prospective staff. Significant developments during 2011–12 included: • implementing the Department of Finance and Deregulation Enterprise Agreement 2011–2014

• introducing a new learning and development delivery model to ensure that core skills training is appropriate, cost-effective and consistent

• commencing work on developing a sophisticated workforce planning capacity in the department in collaboration with the Australian Public Service Commission

• establishing a graduate steering committee to enhance the department’s graduate recruitment

• identifying executive board champions in the areas of diversity, work–life balance, innovation, advancing women, and graduates and young leaders

• educating staff and managers on key changes to work health and safety legislation, including by identifying and addressing work health and safety risks within business groups

• upgrading the department’s human resource management information system, Aurion.

This section provides an overview of human resource management and learning and development in Finance. Work health and safety arrangements are discussed in Appendix B, and the department’s staffing profile, salary ranges and turnover are outlined in Appendix A: Staffing overview. Recruitment and retention

Recruiting and retaining talented employees is an important part of the department’s business strategy. The Human Resources Services Branch works closely with business groups to ensure they have the staff they need to achieve their business objectives. Recruitment process

Finance continues to attract good numbers of applicants for advertised vacancies. In 2011–12, advertised vacancies attracted an average of 17 applicants, which was the same as in 2010–11. The average recruitment process took 28 working days to complete, compared to 25 working days in 2010–11. This is within the department’s target of 30 working days (measured from the date the chair of the panel receives the recruitment file to the delegate’s decision). Recruitment order of merit lists are maintained and used to fill both ongoing and non-ongoing vacancies. All merit lists are available on the department’s intranet. Positions are also filled using Finance’s temporary employment register. The department also conducts targeted recruitment programs to attract graduates, career starters and Indigenous employees. These programs are complemented by a suite of training and development opportunities, delivered internally and externally. Graduate recruitment

Graduates are Finance’s largest single recruitment intake each year, reflecting the nature of the department’s work. The graduate development program is open to university students completing their final year of study and those who have completed a degree within the last five years. Finance received a record number of applications for the 2013 program, but we expect to recruit a smaller cohort than the 48 graduates recruited for the 2012 program. During 2011–12, Finance continued to use a number of online mediums, in particular social media, to attract candidates and broadcast information on the 2013 graduate development program. This approach has proven successful and will be continued in future campaigns. Success at graduate recruiter awards

Finance was one of six finalists in a field of more than 700 nominees at the 2011 Australian Association of...
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