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  • Published : December 29, 2012
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Indian Streams Research Journal

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Volume 2, Issue. 6, July 2012


'Herbal Cosmetics’

Anil Samleti, Shrinivas Bumrela, Snehal Dhobale, Vaibhav Kekre, Sinhgad Technical Education Society, Sinhgad Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Lonavala, Pune (MS), India 410401.
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Mother Nature has provided human, the favorite creation of God, with all that he needed to live on this earth: water to quench thirst, air to breathe, grains to hunger, fire to light and so on. Human body is the microcosm of the entire cosmos and the answer to all human problems lies in maintaining harmony with the cosmic rhythm. Nature has offered the means to maintain that balance. Herbs! Yes herbs are one such means. An herb is a plant or plant extract, including leaves, bark, berries, roots, gums, seeds, stems and flowers which is bestowed with nourishing and healing elements. Herbs are the endowment of Mother Nature which has been used for healthcare through out different ages and cultures of human history. Herbal cosmetics are defined as the beauty products which posses desirable physiological activity such as healing, smoothing appearance, enhancing and conditioning properties because of herbal ingredient. Here we reported the introduction, classification, common herbs used in cosmetics, its scope.

Beginning 1990's cosmetic manufacturer adapted a term 'cosmeceuticals' to describe the OTC skin care products that claims therapeutic benefit by addition of plant based active ingredient such as alpha-hydroxy acid, retinoic acid, ascorbic acid and coenzyme Q10. These active ingredients serves many purposes viz. increase in skin elasticity, delay in skin aging by reducing the wrinkles, protection against UV radiation by antioxidant property and to check degradation of collagen respectively [1] HERBAL COSMETICS CAN BE GROUPED INTO FOLLOWING MAJOR CATEGORIES: Ø for enhancing the appearance of facial skin

Ø for hair growth and care
Ø for skin care, especially in teenager (acne, pimples and sustaining) Cosmetics
Ø soaps, powders and perfumery, etc.
miscellaneous products

Among the above mentioned categories, the skin care will dominate Cosmeceuticals demand in the coming years, especially for the professional products used for enhancing facial implants, chemical peels and related product.

Please cite this Article as : Anil Samleti, Shrinivas Bumrela, Snehal Dhobale, Vaibhav Kekre , 'Herbal Cosmetics’ : Indian Streams Research Journal (July ; 2012)

'Herbal Cosmetics’


According to ayurveda there are certain herbs that have their mention in the old ages also, such as, ?
Indigo: Being blue in color it was used as a bindi / tika (dot) on the forehead and chin. ?
Madder Root: Being available in color that suits the lips this was utilized to beautify lips and cheeks. ?
Hibiscus Rosa Cynensis (Jaswand or Shoe Flower): With dark color of its own this was used to blacken

and maintain hair color.
Raktachandan: This was another natural component available in attractive color and hence was used as fresh, red bindi / tika (dot) on the forehead.
? With the traits that prevent aging and regenerate growth of cells this was used as an essential Aloe Vera:
component to keep oneself fit, protect the skin, prevents and heals skin irritations [03]. ?and Vertiver (Usheer):It was used as scrubs and face packs that were applied on face and whole Chandan
body to remove dead cells, regenerate growth of new cells and give a young look. ?
Haldi (Turmeric): It was used as a face pack along with usheer (vertiver) and also as an antiseptic MEDICINAL HERBS AS COSMETICS: [02]
The medicinal herb mentioned in ayurveda by experienced sages basically state that the function of ayurvedic herbs is to purify blood and eliminate vitiated doshas (vata, pitta,...
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