Report on Hazira(Gujarat, India) Oil and Gas Field Trip

Topics: Natural gas, Petroleum, Liquefied natural gas Pages: 6 (2140 words) Published: August 26, 2008



An overview of the Oil and Gas sector was developed as we visited the 4 organizations, namely GSEG, GSPL & GSPC Gas station, GSPC-NIKO Resources Limited and SHELL in Hazira. Amongst the companies visited, there were both upstream and downstream ones and their effects in the value chain were duly realized. One striking feature in all organizations was the very less human resource used in the plants, most of the operations being conducted automatically and quite a few jobs being out-sourced to other specialized companies. The safety is another aspect that the companies are very much aware of, with special suits, helmets, goggles, ear plugs, safety shoes being deployed for safety of employees. For on field employees the special dress code is a must, though for people in the administrative department there are no such regulations. In case of emergency, Emergency Response Teams are immediately formed and various Fire Safety departments are engaged, who take care of the situation. Another aspect, which came to light in GSPC-Niko plant, was the time that had to be spent in offshore platforms was 14 days with a break after that period. The company ensures that the employees do have enough social interaction and maintain a healthy work environment and also to prevent high attrition rate. Amongst all companies, SHELL seemed to be the most professional in its outlook with respect to dealing with administrative matters. These Oil and Gas companies are profit oriented organizations taking adequate care of their employees while they are in this “High Risk, High Gain” business.

This upstream organization is a tie-up between the Indian and Canadian firm, where GSPC has 66% stake and Niko has 33% stake, which focuses on exploration of Natural Gas and Oil and distributes the crude form of fuel after some basic treatment. In the plant, the daily operation is performed by Niko Resources and GSPC plays the role of a silent partner. The natural gas resource is explored from around 33 wells (among which 24 are operating). Amongst these wells, 5 are on land, 17 are land based drilling projects and 11 are at offshore. The explored oil and gas is then brought to the plant, where it’s treated in Separators, Dew Point Control Unit and compressed to high pressure in the Compressors. After compression, the natural gas is sent to the pipeline of GSPL to be transferred to the customers. We had the opportunity to interact with Mr. Quasim Sekhar(engineer), who briefed us about the plant. We came to know that, the employees have to spend compulsorily in the offshore centre for 14 days at a stretch. Safety is one thing, this organization stresses upon. All employees have to wear the protective equipment, like helmet, goggles and ear-plugs. Also field-employees have to adhere to the dress code which is also specially designed by the company, though employees in the administrative department don’t have any such dress code. He also described the work environment as pretty good, and emphasized on the training facilities the company provides as unique in the whole country, as the technology used in the plant is quite advanced. In case of any emergency, an immediate Emergency Response Team is formed, consisting of Operation Response Team, Fire Fighting Team and Search and Rescue Team, which is presided by an Incident Commander, who in turn reports to the GM of the organization. This profit making organization plays a major role in the supply chain of Natural Gas in Gujarat and has daily...
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