Report on Gate Pass Monitoring System

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  • Published : February 28, 2013
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The project “GATE PASS MONITORING SYSTEM” is useful for security those who stand in gate to share the details about student. This have the module to support the students to get permission from their HOD while absent in their chair. In a college campus the student will try to escape from class before the closing time, at that time from the gates security have to check whether the person has got permission from department or not.

Student information and permission details have been stored in server machine in a college and every system in a college for sharing data’s would be connected through LAN networking technology. The machine with database server will have connection with the mobile to receive a message from HOD and set corresponding changes in a database for provided register number. Each department HOD’s only have the authority to provide permission to student to leave from college before the class closing time.

For providing permission to student, HOD’s should be near in system to share details of that particular student from the server machine. This could not be possible. The problem’s overcome with mobile SMS Services. Details of that student would be displayed and changed by SMS send by HOD. Then can change the permission status of the student from his system because each system has connection with the server machine.

Securities in the gate will check whether the student got permission from HOD or not from his system that provided to their checking purpose. Here also the checking reader used to read the roll no from the ID card. Securities system is connected to the server machine using LAN technology. If permission has been provided means security will allow that student to cross the gate or otherwise student would lock in the gate and information would be passed to corresponding HOD.


Only manual verification are done in the database data change work. Sometimes mistakes may happen or miss understanding may occur by this manual work. If a student or a staff wants to go out of the campus means he should have got the permission from the HOD or principal. If they are absent at a time problem to get permission. At this time HOD will make possible solution to provide permission otherwise he/she should not be permitted to pass the gate. If the permission were given the security at the gate will be intimated to allow the person to go out. This is not possible in the manual system.

In the proposed system the security office at the gate is going to have a computer system which is connected with college LAN. Database will be act as a centralized one to share details without struggling. We have a modules to upload the details about the students and staff details to database with their image to reduce the mistakes happening while permission provide by the HOD, permission will be given by the HOD as yes or no type through SMS to mobile connected with the system., inbox stored details read by using the software then make necessary arrangement in a corresponding student details and stored in a database. These details could be shared by the security at the gate. When the student reach to gate will be check with the register number whether the student got permission or not. Every process has stored in a database and it will be very useful for future verification.



• Hard disk : 250 GB
• RAM : 1 GB
• Processor Speed : 3.00GHz
• Processor : Pentium IV Processor


• Platform - .NET 2008 • Operating System - Windows...
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