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Topics: Ford Pinto, Ford Motor Company, Cost-benefit analysis Pages: 2 (577 words) Published: December 1, 2012
This report discusses about the invention of ford pinto in a short period of time and the consequences it had in the life of many people. It discuss about the individual and organization involved in the incidents. It also discuss that even though the people were aware about the situation, they had no reaction or concern towards it. Introduction

Ford pinto was invented by ford motor company during the late 1970 to capture the entire American subcompact market and put down an alternative for VW beetle which was the most popular in that era. Pinto created by lacocca was invented with a motive of not to weigh more than 2000 pounds and not to cost a cent over $2000.The inventor also created it with a motive of low cost of ownership that is initial price fuel consumption reliability and serviceability. It was also designed to provide clear product superiority that is providing comfortable rides with good appearance. It was also developed in a very short period of time of less than 25 weeks compare to other car that’s takes a time of 43 weeks. During the car test pinto showed up a defect in its gas tank. Several car test showed up that the car trashed up as the limit exceed 25 miles per hour. The rear end was not suitable for the car .Also if the limit exceeds 40 miles per hour, the doors would have been jammed and the passengers would be trapped inside resulting to their death. Issues involved

The car had a serious defect in its gas tank .The company owner was well aware about it ,but he had no reaction towards it .Car test showed up that its rear was not appropriate but he didn’t wanted to put an extra $11 to each one .Ford Pinto could easily catch up fire in the rear collision and take life of its passenger .However assembly line tooling was already under way when engineer found about the defect. Ford manufacture decided to make the car even though they owned the patent on Capri, a much safer gas tank. It showed up that safety wasn’t necessary for...
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