Report on Food Adultery in Bangladesh

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What is food adultery?
Food adulteration is the process of adding chemical substances with foods, which should not be contained within food and beverages. Chemical substances or simply adulterants may be internationally added to substances to reduce manufacturing costs, or for some deceptive or malicious purpose. When profit in business is more important than morality, then it is possible to add the poisoning contents to the foods and beverages. Food adulteration, a clear violation of human rights, has crossed all limits now-a-days, as drive against this menace is neither effective nor regular in the country. Dishonest and unscrupulous businessmen are behind this crime against humanity. Food adulteration, synonymous with slow poisoning of the masses, is physical and intellectual genocide of the masses. Food adulteration is not a new concept in third world countries, but the dimension of the adulteration in Bangladesh is so massive that it would appear to be a shame on the civil society of Bangladesh. The lack of initiative has allowed food adulteration to rise to an epidemic scale. According to IPH (Institute of Public Health) more than fifty percent of food samples they have tested are adulterated.

Morality is the basis of ideal laws and if the state operates through ideal laws based on morality, emergence of an ideal state is possible. Ethics separates right from wrong and a man devoid of ethics cannot contribute to nation building. The irony of the thing is many of the perpetrators being ignorant of ethics and morality did not even understand that what they were doing was equivalent to silent murder. At the same time, the masses were oblivious to the damage that sub-standard food, toxic colors and chemicals were doing to their system.

Why people choose to get involved in such an unfair mean?
* To increase its bulk or weight, reduce its quality or strength, or make it appear bigger or of greater value than it is (for example, scallops to which water has been added to make them heavier), to reduce food manufacturing cost ,for some deceptive or malicious purpose. Due to increased investment, expanded market, and high consumer demand.Conceals damage or inferiority in any manner (such as fresh fruit with food coloring on its surface to conceal )

which helps in earning more money and they will be more profitable. People in the attraction of being richer do not often realize and recognize the depth of the hazard done to human beings through their unfair actions.

It is alarming to note that a section of businessmen, who are dishonest, have taken all preparations to multiply their profit through adulterated food trading. Bangladeshi people are often more uneducated than they are educated so many people are not even aware about the properties of the substances they are adding which adulterates their food causing simple to lethal harm to the lives of the human beings.

Degree of food adulteration in Bangladesh:
(degree of adulteration) | Alarming levels | Moderate levels | No adulteration | | (92%) | (4%) | (4%) |
The responses from this question were examined to find out the level of food adulteration in the country. Only one respondent believe that no adulteration exists whatsoever while another says that moderate level of adulteration is present. However a staggering 92% of the respondents feel that adulteration has reached alarming levels.

 Major obstacle to the drive against food adulteration:
The data suggests that the biggest obstacle to the drive is the lack of manpower as 56% respondents identify this as the main cause. Another 12% blame the lack of support from the general people and 32% believe that the drive does not have enough manpower.  

(major obstacle to the drive)| Lack of proper rules| Lack of support from common people| Lack of manpower| | (56%)| (12%)| (32%)|

Degradation of environment and source of food

* There is also...
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