Report on Feasibility Study to Start a Restaurant in Tambaram

Topics: Waste, Recycling, Storm drain Pages: 3 (714 words) Published: November 27, 2012
Waste Disposal
• Periodically inspect for leaky dumpsters and compactors. If dumpsters are leaking, call the leasing company to repair or replace dumpsters.
• Cover dumpsters and other waste containers to prevent stormwater from entering the container. • Never dispose of waste products, such as food or liquid wastes, to storm drains. Donate edible food to a food donation bank, participate in food waste composting programs, contact an animal feed company or dispose of food waste in a trash receptacle.

• Never wash down dumpsters or dumpster areas with a hose. If a dumpster must be cleaned, contact the dumpster leasing company. Use dry clean up methods to wash dumpster area or use other Best Management Practices (BMPs) to clean dumpster area to prevent wash water from flowing to the storm drain system.

• Improper handling and disposal that creates a discharge to a storm drain is illegal. Both the company and individuals responsible are subject to civil and criminal prosecution. Grease Handling and Storage

• Do not pour cooking oil or grease into sinks or floor drains, or into a parking lot, stormdrain or street.
• Dispose or recycle cooking oil and grease through a licensed waste grease hauler or licensed grease recycler. Search for grease haulers and recyclers under “tallow” in the Yellow Pages. • Service oil/grease interceptors at least monthly. For an oil/grease interceptor to function properly no more than 1/3 of the depth of the interceptor should be a floating grease layer and no more than ¼ of the depth should be sediment on the bottom of the interceptor ( • Under-sink grease traps should be serviced at least weekly, more often if the grease trap is more than 50% full (

• Practice dry clean up. Use scrapers to remove food wastes from serving ware, pots, pans, grills, and cooking surfaces prior to cleaning them with water. Dispose of food waste in a trash receptacle, send to an animal...
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