Report on Fastfood Industry

Topics: Fast food, Subway, Fast Food Nation Pages: 10 (2740 words) Published: May 19, 2013
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Course:| Diploma of Business| Trainer’s Name:| Martin Howells| Received by Academic Dept:| | Assessment No:| 2|

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Market Research Report

Author: Henrique Fornazier Murad Neffa

Work for Martin College

Date of submission: 14/05/2013

Tutor's name: Martin Howells

* Table of Contents
Cover page1
Title page2
Table of Contents3
2.1Research Part A5
2.1.1 Question i5
2.1.2Question ii6
2.1.3 Question iii6
2.1.4 Question iv6
2.1.5 Question v7
2.1.6 Question vi7
2.1.7 Question vii7
2.1.8 Question viii7
2.2Research Part B8

1.0 Introduction

This Market Research Report was done on May 14, 2013 following the instructions of the...
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