Report on Factors, Issues and Impacts of Hospitality and Tourism Industry of Maldives

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Report on Factors, Issues and impacts of Hospitality and Tourism Industry of Maldives By Mauroof Zakir


1. Introduction of hospitality and tourism industry of Maldives An island nation in the middle of Indian Ocean, consisting of 26 coral atolls dominated by over 90% of Sea and its situated in about 700 km south west of Sri-Lanka is so call Maldives. In total, these geographical atolls contain about 1,190 islands of which only less than 200 are inhabited. In the Maldives, the tourism industry is identical with resort islands and each resort occupies a separate island and is totally self-contained. The tourism industry begins in Maldives as early as 1972, as a best place for spear fishing. The Italian Explorer Mr. George Corbin visited to Male the capital of Maldives in 1971 on his way of exploring of Virgin Island and he travelled to nearby islands. These islands include the first resort of Maldives “Kurumba Village” (Vihamanaafushi), and many more nearby. Corbin photographed the natural beauty of perfect islands and spent a wonderful time writing articles about the Maldives (Maldives Online Guide, 2010). On Wednesday 16th February 1972 the very first tourist group of 22 arrives to Maldives from Italy. They spent 12 days in Maldives. During their stay they visit uninhabited islands and Local Islands, they did snorkeling and fishing. In 1972 together with Mr. Corbin and Local entrepreneur started to develop the first resort in the Island of Vihamanaafushi with the capacity of sixty tourists. As a result the first resort was opens in 3rd October 1972 with 30 rooms. At the same time the former President Mr. Ibrahim Nasir took initiate of develop the second resort which was opened in 10th December 1972 with the capacity of 210 beds with more facilities and services (Maldives Online Guide, 2010). At present, there are over 100 resorts located in the different atolls constituting the Republic of Maldives. Over the past few decades, the number of tourist’s arrivals in Maldives has raised endlessly today, more than 700,000 tourists visit the Maldives each year across the globe. Maldives is now very famous for its natural beauty which includes the blue ocean and white beaches, accompanied by clean air and lovely temperatures as well as scenic peaceful environments (Tourism year book, 2010). The atmosphere of the Maldives is ideal for tourists to get engaged in water sports such as swimming, fishing, diving and windsurfing. Due to its extraordinary underwater scenery and clean water, Maldives is ranked among the best recreational, diving destinations of the world and we are the owner of the White sands with Cristal Clear Lagoons, as well as Maldives is rated the best honey moon destination of the world.

Introduction to hospitality and tourism industry Assignment Prepared by: Mauroof Zakir

Today tourism is the largest industry of the Maldives which gives 60% of foreign exchange along with over 30% of Gross Domestic Product of the country. The wider travel and tourism created both direct and indirect jobs over 30 thousands. Since the tourism industry has grown up to world class level, it leads and drives the private sector with the support of the Government of the Maldives. Indeed the success of today’s Maldives tourism industry is greater contribution of the both private and public sector partnership. The mandates of tourism ministry include the sustainable developments of tourism in the Maldives. There for the ministry is expanding the strategic sustainable plains for the future of the industry by emphasizing the developing tourism in harmony with nature, facilitating the private sector investment, developing the human resources, increase employment Opportunity, diversifying market and products, and the spreading the economic developments of tourism within the whole country through law and middle market entrepreneur development. The mission of the Ministry is expending and sustaining the Maldives tourism industry...
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