Report on Export Import Law in Bangladesh

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A Report
export-import Law in bangladesh

F-205, Legal environment of Business


Department of Finance
18th Batch B.B.A.
University of Dhaka

Submitted to:

Tazrina Farah


Department of Finance

University of Dhaka

Submitted by:

Group No. 03

Section “C”

BBA 18th Batch

Department of Finance

University of Dhaka

Date of Submission: April 20, 2013




1. Farhana Islam Ajanta18-045

2. Permita Ahmed18-061

3. Farid Molla18-115

4. Sadia Sharmin Bristy18-123

5. Masud Parvej Rubel18-131

6. Sirazum Munira Haque18-169

7. Kamruzzaman18-255

April 20, 2013
Tazrina Farah
Department of Finance
University of Dhaka

Subject: Submission of term paper on “export-import Law in bangladesh”

Dear Madam,

We are very happy to state that the report on “export-import Law in bangladesh”is completed and ready for your viewing.

We are glad to submit it as part of completion of the requirements for our Legal environment of Business(F-205) course with you. This report focuses on export import law in Bangladesh. This report has also given us an opportunity to sharpen our views, ideas regarding export import law which will be a very useful for our future professional career as well as in our individual life.

We have tried our best to put up a good report with as much information as we could gather during the short time span allotted for writing this report.

Thank you for your kind support and help throughout the course, we remain. We hope you will appreciate this sincere effort.



Permita Ahmed
Group: 03
Sec: C, 18TH Batch (B.B.A.)
Department of Finance,
University of Dhaka.

This report is about the laws, regarding export and import, existing in Bangladesh. We have primarily divided the report into two parts. In the first section we have discussed about the laws related to exportation and in the second section we have focused on the laws related to the importation.

At first, we discussed thoroughly the rules and regulations regarding exportation where our main focus was on the list of goods which are prohibited for exportation from the county. We have also shown a list of goods which are exportable only by following some conditions and the allowed sources of finance for the goods imported. The whole import procedure is mentioned in detail in this section.

We have further discussed the customs duty which is a kind of indirect tax realized on goods of international trade, where we have included the goods exempted from customs duty and the calculations of customs duty which depends on the determination of assessable value unless the Customs officers determine otherwise. But certain items which are released from customs duty at a specific rate is also mentioned in this part. Customs department, evasion of customs duty and Duty-free goods, which are free of government taxes are described in this section thoroughly.

Sometimes some extra duty is charged on goods of luxury which is called the supplementary duty. This supplementary duty’s procedure of imposition of supplementary duty, liable person for supplementary duty and dutiable value of supplies is discussed in the report. An exception, special schemes for tobacco and alcohol is also discussed here.

In the Pre-shipment inspection part(PSI), we have firstly listed goods exempted from PSI. And then shown the goods restricted for PSI and the goods not importable in Bangladesh.

Finally, we have discussed the barriers associated with the existing law in time of import and export, where we have discussed the rules and sections related to importation and exportation, in the Customs Act,...
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