Report on “Employees Motivation Applied in Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd.” by Rana (Aiub)

Topics: Employment, Limited company, Wage Pages: 22 (4547 words) Published: July 5, 2011
Letter of Transmittal

12th July, 2010
Samia Shabnaz
Course Instructor
Human Resource Management
American International University Bangladesh
Banani, Dhaka

Sub: Report Submission on “Employees motivation applied in Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd.”

Dear Madam,
The course which we are doing under your guidance is Human Resource Management. We are thoroughly enjoying the course as your teaching ability is very much knowledgeable. It is the report on the topic “Employees motivation applied in Square Pharmaceutical Ltd.” of your course “Human Resource Management”. An attempt has been made to use the most practical information among the findings. It has been prepared in combination of interview, education survey & given data .The name of all sources of information is mentioned in the reference section for your wise judgment. We think this report will help us a lot to augment our knowledge about the respective subject matter. We have really enjoyed working on this report and we hope that our work would meet the level of your expectation.

We are grateful to you for your continuous guidance in preparing the group project report. Thank you.

Rimon, Mir Efta Khar Alam (08-12208-3)
Islam, Shahidul (08-12001-3)


By the cordial mercy of Allah, now we are able to submit the report to our honorable madam Samia Shabnaz(Faculty of Business). WE strongly believe that it would not be possible preparing such a report without Almighty’s grace.

We convey our gratitude to many colleagues of Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd. for rendering us the opportunity to talk with them. Their contributions are gratefully acknowledged. We give thanks all the concerns who provide us the necessary information.

Above all, we want to mention our all group member’s contributions.

Finally, we like to say that, we have prepared this report from our own experience and survey. So, we are ready to accept our unwilling errors and omission which belong to us.

Executive summery

Kohinoor Chemical Company Ltd. (KCCL) is one of the largest cosmetics and toiletries manufacturing company in the country and serving the country people for the last sixty years with the quality products. It has glorious background of manufacturing quality health care cosmetic products and increasing day by day.

Today’s works are greatly depending on motivational approaches. The term motivation refers to a psychological process that gives behavior purpose and direction. By appealing to this process, manager attempt to get individuals to pursue organizational objectives willingly. The individual’s motivational factors- needs, satisfaction, expectations and goals- are affected challenging work, reward and participation.

As an established Manufacturing company in Bangladesh, KCCL provides various promotional activities to motivate their employee. Motivation can be described as providing a work environment in which individual needs become satisfied through efforts that also serve organizational objectives. KCCL achieves this by incorporating their goals into their human resource management programs. The people recruited and the systems within the organization all serve to motivate the type of people that KCCL values.

KCCL provides Discount Facilities, Healthcare services, free products, transportation facilities, welfare measures, bonus payment, performance based rewards and other promotional facilities to get motivate their employee and increase the efficiency and productivity of the company.

To stay successfully in this competitive market, a business firm must do some intelligence tasks. Motivation is one of them. To keep the intelligent and experienced employee in organization and reduce employee turnover, motivation plays a vital role. KCCL exercise successful motivational approaches to gain competitive advantages.

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