Report on Effect of Movies on Children

Topics: Film, The Child, Movie theater Pages: 4 (1279 words) Published: December 3, 2012
The Payne Fund studies were developed by the Motion Picture Research Council, which was working on the development of a national policy concerning motion pictures, especially concerning children. Motion Pictures and Youth is the first in a series of thirteen writings that share the findings of the research done concerning the influence of movies on children. This particular study was set up to discover the effect in five areas: information, attitudes, emotions, health, and conduct. Information

This part of the study tested how much children will retain of what they see in movies. They found that 8 year olds will catch three out of every five things that the parents see. (Charters, 8) This means, for example, that if there are 20 murder scenes, then the child will remember 12 of them. The next thing that they learned was that the 8 year old will remember 90% of what they saw in the movie six weeks after they saw it, and three months later, they still remember the same amount. The last thing that was observed was that children of all ages tend to accept as true the things that they see in movies. In addition, the scenes that children remember the most from a movie are action scenes, especially when it deals with sports, general conversation, crime, and fighting. The evidence that was found in this part of the study makes it clear that children do pick up a lot of information from the movies that they see and will remember the scenes for a long time. Because of this, being exposed to the kind of information that is shown in a rated R film will be unhealthy for the child. Developing attitudes

This part of the study attempted to relate movie watching to attitude formation. The following was found to be true about the movie watchers: had lower conduct grades, did poorer school work, rated lower in reputation by their teachers, rated lower by their classmates, were less cooperative, were more deceptive, were less skillful in judging right from wrong, and were slightly...
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