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John O’Grady

Tammy Clarissa

24 March 2011


Executive Summary3
Service Encounter5-6
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Executive Summary
These days, services are very commonly sought. For a business, if one has good service towards its customers, it will surely gain repeat business, loyalty and thus, built relationships with their customers. Service encounter is mainly the service from the customers’ point of view. How they rate a business, what they think of it, their feedbacks, and more.

However, not many businesses possess this type of service. Even they have it, but it is not good enough to gain trust from customers. Some has poor service and they do not put in their best into servicing customers. That is why, some businesses put effort in training their staff, especially in customer service. Let’s make a restaurant an example. Once a customer experienced very bad service there, it is very likely that the customer will not come again. Customer will want to be respected and treated well. Customer is the king, because they pay for the service and goods they receive, and with that profit, business will be able to work well.

This report basically talks about service encounter, and my own experience of service encounter between me as a member of the public as well as a worker in retail organisation.

The objectives of this report are to describe a service encounter and how to deal with it. Services are sometimes good and sometimes not done properly by the customer service. This report is to tell you a service encounter and evaluate it; is it good or bad, who is involved, who was in wrong, how will the customer feel and etcetera.

Service encounter is something that describes a service firm’s delivery of service or goods to the customers’ process. This process is the main topic, which is discussed and talked further in this report.

Customer service is very important to business. It is the key to repeat business and gain loyalty of the customers. Customers like to be noticed, and respected. Therefore, one should provide the best service they can display to customers. One must also use the right encounter, the way of approaching customers to gain business.

What is a service encounter?
Service encounter is a period of time during which customer interact directly with a service. It is a process of transactional interactions in which one person provides a service or goods to another person. Service encounter is also called ‘the moment of truth’ where the customer’s will interact with the service or goods provided to them, and they evaluate them and thus, influence satisfaction levels. A service encounter is that period of time during which the customer and the service firm interact in person over telephone or through other media (Shostack 1985). Service encounter has been defined as a social interaction involving one human being interacting with another (Czepiel et al. 1985). Given the high degree of person-to-person interaction and, quite frequently the absence of an exchange of tangible goods, the service encounter becomes a critical component of service quality.

There are three players involved in a service encounter; the service company or firm, the one who sets the rule and guidelines; the employees, who follow the policies of the company and customers, who seeks to satisfy their various range of needs and wants.

Original work by Czepiel et al. (1985) identified seven key characteristics of a service encounter that can be considered the distinguishing factors when analysing service encounters. Briefly, service encounters according to Czepiel:

* are goal oriented
* are undertaken as part of work activities
* are primarily a stranger relationship
* are narrow in scope:...
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