Report on Comparative Study of Mainland Students’ Sleeping Patterns in Mainland China and Hong Kong

Topics: Sleep, Mainland China, Circadian rhythm Pages: 4 (1105 words) Published: April 19, 2008
This report is a study of comparative study of mainland students’ sleeping patterns in mainland China and Hong Kong. Since the mainland students came to Hong Kong, their schedules have become similar with those of the local students. They sleep so late at night that they may not have enough rest and always feel tired. This may have a negative impact on their daily life. This report aims to present the information about the changes of the mainland students’ sleeping pattern, some bad influences and make suggestions about how to improve their sleeping patterns.

I obtained the data by means of a questionnaire survey conducted in March, 2008. The questionnaires were distributed to a total of 40 mainland students. The questionnaire was divided into 4 parts: sleeping patterns in Hong Kong and mainland China and personal opinions about sleeping patterns. Sleeping patterns in Hong Kong also has two parts. One is on weekdays, the other one is focused on weekends.

In general, most of the mainland students sleep late and get up late comparing with their sleeping pattern in mainland China. This change has already caused some negative effect on the students’ daily life.

3.2Time Periods When to Sleep
Table 1 Times when to sleep in different situations
Situation Time on weekdays in Hong Kongat weekends in Hong Kongin mainland China Before 12:002.5%0%37.5%
After 01:0067.5%87.5%20%

According to Table 1, we could observe that more than one-third (37.5%) of the respondents said that they slept before 12 o’clock when they were in mainland China, while only a small number (2.5%) of the respondents thought they slept at that time on weekdays in Hong Kong. When the situation is at weekends, the figure becomes zero. Among all respondents, about two-thirds (67.5%) and a majority (87.5%) said that they slept after 1 o’clock on weekdays and during weekends in...
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