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Table of Content
Sr. No.| Particulars| Page no.|
1| About the coffee industry| 3|
2| Growth of the coffee industry in India| 5|
3| Present coffee production in india (2010)| 6|
4| About the espresso| 11|
5| About the barista| 12|
6| Case analysis| 20|
7| Learning from the case| 21|
8| Question & answer| 22|
9| Bibliography| 27|

About Coffee Industry:
It all began around 1000 A.D. when Arab traders began to cultivate coffee beans in large plantations. They began to boil the beans creating a drink they called ‘qahwa’ which translates to ‘that which prevents sleep’. The drink became widely popular, and the need for coffee beans grew. The brief timeline for the growth of coffee, cafés and everything related is given below:

YEAR| Journey Of Coffee Industry|
850| First known discovery of coffee berries. Legend of goat herder Kaldi of Ethiopia, who notices goats are friskier after eating red barriers of a local shrub. Experiments with the berries himself and begins to feel happier.| 1100| The first coffee trees are cultivated on the Arabian Peninsula. Coffee is first roasted and boiled by Arabs making ‘qahwa’.| 1475| The world’s first coffee shop opens in Constantinople.| 1554| The first establishment in Constantinople soon becomes widely popular, and two more cafés are opened.| 1600s| Coffee enters Europe through the port of Venice. The first coffee house opens in Italy in 1654.| 1652| The first coffee house opens in England. Coffee houses were called ‘penny universities’ (a penny is charged for admission and a cup of coffee) because a person could visit a café to discuss current affairs and social issues.| 1672| The first Persian coffee house opens.|

1683| The first coffee house opens in Vienna.|
1688| Edward Lloyd’s coffee house opens. It eventually becomes Lloyd’s of London, the world’s best-known insurance company.| 1695| The first sign of the French Revolution had its roots in Parisian cafés where the people’s movement started gathering steam.| 1822| The prototype of the first espresso machine is created in France.| 1980s| Coffee is now the world’s most popular beverage, which leads to a boom in retail and hotel cafés. The American retail café Starbucks in born.| 1990s| With the growth of the Internet, cyber cafés are born, providing Internet access and coffee to users.| 2000s| With an increased penetration of PCs in homes, cyber café chains close, and re-immerge as retail coffee café chains.|

The Coffee Cafe industry is currently one of the biggest and fastest growing sectors in business. The industry consists of a mix of individual cafes, hotel cafes and retail cafe chains. Individual Cafes:

The main bulk of revenue is earned by small, individual cafes, run mostly by families and friends. It is a relatively unorganized sector. There are millions of such cafés around the world, and they provide customers with a homely, casual experience. The bulk of these cafes are mainly in Europe, where every little town or village has local cafes, where people gather together for a conversation over coffee, or just to be alone with their thoughts.

These café’s have been the birthplace and sanctuary for various creative minds, revolutionaries and thinkers of our time. The most...
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