Report on Artesian and Professional Way of Solving a Computer Problem

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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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This report shows the difference between the way and manner a artisan (road side technician) field information technology provide solution to problems or faults in a computer system and the methods used by graduate of information technology of the university of education Winneba, Ghana

This report shows the analysis of how the both (artisan/graduate) will troubleshoot the computer system, the tools to be used and how the solution will be provided


The Problems Or Fault That Will Be Used For The Analysis Is: BSOD Fault

BSOD FAULT Means Blue Screen of Death .the computer system display on the monitor blue screen can be caused by damaged components in the computer system or by use of non compatible drivers and hardware. It is a stop errors code that is displayed on the monitor.


(1) Blue Screen of Death screen image with description



The artisan uses the trial/error or Bootstrap approach and replacement technique to provide solutions to the problem.

Without screw driver, flat wearing anti-static wrist straps(anti-static wrist straps) prevents the gradual damage of computer components by electro-static charges from human body/fingers). The artisan replaces the components parts on the motherboard one at a time trying to find out which component parts is damaged and responsible of the BSOD fault

After several trial/error method and replacement technique, the fault hardware is discovered and is replaced with a new part


The student look at the screen to make a note of or write out the stop error code (which will be in the form: stop:0X000 . . . . . . . . . ) and use the on-line Microsoft knowledge base to troubleshoot the computer system.

The student searches the Microsoft knowledge base(support for known fixes and troubleshooting tips...
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