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Topics: Movie theater, Film, 3-D film Pages: 20 (6031 words) Published: December 10, 2012
Executive summary:
Movies are one of the best recreations for people in their leisure. Nowadays people are moving their interest towards 3D movies as a result starting of 3D movie theater is a want of people.Problem definition involves discussion with the decision makers, interviews with industry experts, analysis of secondary data and perhaps some qualitative research.Our objective is to if we start then it would be profitable in term of responsive behavior of consumers and impact in sustainable development of this industry in Bangladesh. For doing this research we have developed a verbal and graphical model. For developing these models we have relayed on the opinions of industry experts, opinions of probable customers as secondary data on 3D movie theater is not available. Our research will be an exploratory research. We need information on the percentage of people who watch movies at theaters, what price they want to pay, probability of repeated purchase etc. In our research we are going to collect data from both primary and secondary sources.For analyzing data our first step would be preparing preliminary plan of data analysis then questionnaire checking, editing, coding, transcription, data cleaning, statistically adjusting the data and selecting a data analysis strategy. Along with the hard copy we will give a soft copy where all excel calculations and graphical part will be provided in a CD. In addition, an oral presentation will be created in power point. The report will be submitted on due date.

1. Introduction:
This market research feasibility study of the 3D movie theater whether it would be profitable and whether there is demand in Bangladesh. This project was undertaken in an effort to enhance the understanding of these key areas The expectations of this group are to utilize these market research results to allow the developer, to think about the new dimension of entertainment through 3D movie theater. The project consists in establishing a movie theatre in Bangladesh. The theatre will offer 186 seats and will be equipped with a small cafeteria offering popcorn, beverages, chocolate and chips. The aim of establishing the theatre is to provide quality entertainment to the inhabitants of Bangladesh especially the youngsters.

2. Background:
Movies are one of the best recreations for people in their leisure. Nowadays people are moving their interest towards 3D movies as a result starting of 3D movie theater is a want of people. Personal computers, disc players, televisions are getting 3D treatment because of the enormous success of Avatar, Alice In The Wonderland etc. with the increasing success of 3D movies many traditional movie theaters in world are transforming into 3D movie theaters. But in our country still we don’t have any 3D movie theater. Star Cineplex is the only International Standard Multiplex Movie theater of Bangladesh but not a 3D movie theater. As technology is changing so peoples preference for 3D movies are increasing. With Our research we want to find if 3D movie theater is started in Bangladesh whether it will generate revenue or not, whether actually people want a 3D movie theater in Dhaka or not, if 3D theater is opened then who will be the major customers ( children, teenage, 20-30 age people etc.).

3. Secondary Research:
Literature review: After screening several articles on internet, we got some relevant articles with our research topic. The summery of the required four articles are as followed: * The first article talks about the increasing number of movies which are released as 3D movies. Now film makers are devoting their effort to give audience 3D experience by developing new technology like developing fusion camera system which actually erases the barriers between audiences and the film. 3D is an immersive experience in which viewers lose themselves. The article identifies two main reasons of feasibility of 3D movie theaters. Firstly with 3D movies filmmakers can use...
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