Report of Seasonal Goods

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  • Published: January 12, 2013
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Definitions of Document Types

CAE: A Country Assistance Evaluation examines Bank performance in a particular country, usually over the past four to five years, and reports on its conformity with the relevant Bank Country Assistance Strategy (CAS) and on the overall effectiveness of the specific CAS.

CAS: A Country Assistance Strategy Document is the central tool of World Bank Management and the Board of Executive Directors for reviewing and guiding the World Bank Group's country programs and the vehicle for judging the impact of its work. Country Assistance Strategy is prepared in consultation with the country authorities and other development partners. Its central focus is reduction of poverty in the client country. It sets out the selective program to be supported by the World Bank Group, tailors to the country's need against the background of the government's development objectives and strategy, and takes into account the activities of other development partners.

EA: Environmental Assessmentevaluates a project's potential environmental risks and impacts in its area of influence. When required by the World Bank, the proposed borrower prepares an environmental assessment report as a separate, freestanding document. Depending on the project, a range of instruments can be used to satisfy the World Bank's requirement, including environmental impact assessment, environmental audit, hazard or risk assessment, and environmental management plan. When the project is likely to have sectoral or regional impacts, sectoral or regional environmental assessment is required. One or more of these instruments, or multiple elements from them as appropriate, may be used.

ESW: Economic and Sector Work Assessment is a synthesis report that draws upon assessments of individual tasks in the Quality Assurance Group sample. The Assessment provides an aggregate picture of quality of economic and sector work during the past fiscal year and identifies systemic issues...
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