Report of Parvatiya Gramin Bank, Chamba, H.P.

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While writing this acknowledgement my emotions are being generated by remembrance of my past life. However, it’s the time to make a mention of all those persons who helped me directly or indirectly in reaching at this acme of life. At the very onset , I thank God with utmost humbleness and reverence for the gift of a wonderfully blessed life. It is my proud privilege to express my deep sense of gratitude and indebtness to all my teachers of Department of Business Management , Dr. Y.S.Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry , Nauni , Solan and Mr O.C.Rana,Chairman,Parvatiya Gramin Bank , Mr Ravinder Singh Thakur and all the staff members of the bank who supervised and guide me throughout the training. Words fall short to express thanks to my friends for providing me moral support and time spent with them immemorable during the course of study. Care and love showered upon me by my parents and brother , helped me a lot in making my ambition a possibility and success. Needless to say errors and omissions are mine.

Place : Nauni. Shweta Thakur.

A Brief Profile – Chamba District.
Origin of Regional Rural Banks.
Owners and Operators of RRB.
Management of RRB’s.
PGB – Bank’s Brief Introduction.
Composition of the Share Capital of the Bank.
Board of Directors.
Organizational set-up of the Bank.
Adherence to RBI Norms.
Different Schemes of the Bank.
Types of Advances.
Determination of Quantum of Working Capital.
Loans and Advances Schemes.
Performance of the Bank.
Balance Sheet of Parvatiya Gramin Bank.
Analysis of Balance Sheet.
Social objectives of the Bank.
Rural business initiatives of the Bank.
SWOT Analysis of Parvatiya Gramin Bank.
Suggestions and Recommendations.
Personal Learning.


Chamba district lies in the Himalayas and partially fringes the Shivalik range of hills. It is bounded in the northwest and west by the state of Jammu and Kashmir , on the east by district of Lahaul and Spiti of the state of Himachal Pradesh and south by district of Kangra (H.P.) and Gurdaspur (Punjab). The entire district is mountaineous and altitude ranges between 2000 feets to about 21000 feets above sea level. The temperature varies between mild hot to extreme cold and during winter , temperature drops to sub zero mark in some parts of the district. Chamba is one of the largest districts of Himachal Pradesh with an area of 6528 square kilometers spread over 1144 inhabited villages. The literacy rate is 44.70 . There are 7 tehsils and 7 development blocks , out of which 2 blocks (Pangi and Bharmour) are categorised as tribal areas. Pangi sub-division remains cut off from rest of the world for about 6 months in a year due to heavy snowfall. Salooni and Tissa blocks of the district have been declared as backward. The district is industrially backward and agriculture continues to be the main activity with small and marginal land holdings. Apart from agriculture , a majority of rural hoseholds are engaged in traditional vocations such as handloom weaving , wood and metal works , leather foot wear , rearing of goats and sheep etc. “Chamba Rumal and Chamba Chappal” are items of national fame. Besides , slate mining , small-scale industries , trading , tourism and transport are other major activities of this district. Chamba , Bharmour and Dalhousie centres have also attracted investment in few hotels. Of late floriculture has also picked up in Tissa and Bhattiyat blocks. A few micro hydel projects are also coming up in Bharmour belt of the district. The district is having a network of 76 branches of various Banks (Commercial Banks - 27 ; State Co-operative Banks - 19 ; RRB - 30 and State Agriculture Rural Development Banks - 2). C.D. Ratio and recovery...
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