Report of Journal

Topics: Research, Leadership, Scientific method Pages: 4 (1013 words) Published: January 9, 2013
Report of Journal

Managing Empirical study Innovation: An
of Innovation and Change
in Public and Private Companies

U. Joseph Nnanna (Corresponding Author)
Graduate College of Business Administration Argosy University Dallas Texas U.S.A

Axel Abyan / 1601266665
Evelyn Carolina / 1601222814
Fransiskus Budiman / 1601219454
Laurencia Agus / 1601220090
Windy Kresna / 1601261986

This journal, “Managing Empirical study Innovation: An of Innovation and Change in Public and Private Companies” talks about the belief of researchers and government that change and innovation play an important role in a company, and have a great impact and relationship to the net income and losses. Other key point that impact the income and loss, still related to change and innovation, is the relationship between the leader and employees, and how the employees able to perceived those changes. This research was done to study about those impacts of innovation and change in both public and private companies, and its relationship relationship to the overall net income or losses in the respective companies. In recent years, governments and organizations have stressed the importance of innovation and change, but some companies are skeptical of this trend. This research explain about the importance of change and innovation for the company and development, so this journal help government to convince the skeptical companies about the impact of change and innovation. There are some literature reviews which are used in making this journal, such as Tjosvold & Yu, 2007, Davila et al, 2006, and Thompson, 1965. These are two of the literature that were used : a. Companies are increasingly investing in innovation because of its overall impact on performance and daily processes to employees’ functions. Innovation typically requires persistent teamwork focused on gradual improvement in delivering value to the company and in some cases final consumers (Tjosvold & Yu,...
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