Report of Influence Leadership on Apple Inc

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Report of influence leadership on Apple Inc | May 5
This report shows market review, SWOT and PEST of Apple Inc as well as back ground of Steve Jobs- brilliant CEO. It also criticize and relate to leadership theories in his case. | |

1. Products and services4
2. Market review5
Literature review10

It is obvious to suggest that the success of a corporate brand is based on many factors that impact directly or indirectly to delivering the decision to build that success. Human factors, especially the role of leaderships and their decision are prerequisite to bring ‘a unique success’ in both business and brand reputation. According to Fortune magazine, Apple Inc is “The Most Admired Company” in the USA in 2010 and becomes a leader in technical rivalry in majority areas such as consumer electronics as well as software products [ (Magazine, 2011) ]. Its success based on creativity and innovation strategies, and a significant advantages which allows the company to occupy the leading positions in the world market is leadership of this Company , specially Steve Jobs- a visionary talents CEO. He has played an important role in the development of the computer company. However, this was also the problem of Apple because of lack of Steve Jobs such as when he got cancer leading to falling down Apple' stock price in the past. So that, The aim of this report will focus on affection of leadership on Apple and how leadership theories relate in this case. This report also shows market review of Apple Inc and recommends for this company . The report based on secondary research (public information on the internet, journals and literature review from books). Laterally, the research will evaluate the fact and key theories in specific circumstance- Apple Inc and Steve Jobs.

1. Products and services
In 1976, Apple was co-founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak. The Company specializes designs, manufactures, and markets consumer electronics products - personal computers, portable music players, mobile phones - as well as related software, services, and peripherals. Apple sells its products worldwide and provides support through its website . Additionally, Apple distributes digital entertainment content through its iTunes Store. While initially offering only music, the store has grown to include videos, television shows, films, and audio books. Apple's products and services include: * A range of personal computing products including desktop and portable computers. The Company’s desktop computers such as iMac®, Mac® Pro and Mac® mini. Its portable computers include MacBook®, MacBook® Pro and MacBook Air®. * iPod: The iPod was launched as a line of portable digital music players in 2001, a portable entertainment device capable of storing photos and playing video. * iPhone: Released in June 2007, the iPhone marked Apple's entry into the rapidly growing Smartphone market. * In January 2010, introduced iPad, a multi-purpose mobile device for browsing the web, reading and sending email, viewing photos, watching videos...etc * iTunes Store: in early 2001, iTunes is a digital media player application used to manage audio and video files. * Apple TV: Launched in 2007, the Apple TV is a digital media receiver designed to play content from an Internet media service or any computer running iTunes. * AppleCare® provides a range of support options for the Company’s customers, include assistance that is built into software products, printed and electronic product manuals, online support including comprehensive product information as well as technical aid, and the Apple Care Protection Plan (“APP”). * The Company offers a range of software products for consumers and creative customers, including the Company’s proprietary Mac OS X and iOS operating system software. Ipad2 Imac Iphone4...
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