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|NAME |: CherLove | |ADDRESS |: Lot 170-07-3a/05/06 level 7, Plaza Gurney, Persiaran Gurney, | | |10250 Penang. | |E-MAIL |: | |TEL NUMBER |: 04-5201314 | |FAX NUMBER |: 04-5201314 | |NATURE OF BUSINESS |: Wedding services | |BUSNIESS OPERATION HOUR |: 10AM – 9PM | |WEBSITE |: www. |


We use ‘CherLove’ as our company name. Basically, there are few meanings of the name. Firstly, it is combination of two words: cheer and love. We assure that we can provide a cheerful and a meaningful wedding to every customer. They just have to pay a little of money and receive excellent service from us. Besides that, it is also implies that we cherish your love. There are over billions of people in the world and you can meet him or her. It is a great thing in the world or simply calls it fate, which is assigned by our mighty God. So, we hope every customers can pamper and cherish their sweetheart after enjoy our services.


Wedding Planner – service oriented

The Reason why we have decided to start a bridal house or wedding planner as nature of business is because of the high demand which require in this service. Wedding bells are ringing up big business for wedding planners, who are increasingly in demand as couples seek them out to ensure nothing in the natty gritty of planning would ruin their big day. In the past, all of these were self-arranged but today, things change, with a growing number of couples opting for the services of wedding planners and wedding packages instead of jumping from one place to the other to source for better deals. Today, younger generation of today also prefers everything to be professionally arranged and managed for during their big day.

Other than that, in long-term time, there is also a great potential for our business to be expand over the country. This is because once our target have been achieved it means that we have already provide the best service and so well known.

We offer our clients several levels of services, which include wedding day management, partial wedding planning and coordination, or producing and executing the entire wedding event. No matter which service you select, we will do our best to ensure that you have a fabulous wedding event. We also provide excellent and quality services to our customers such as wedding planner, bridal gown rental, bridal & designing customize, wedding package, hall and main table decoration, professional makeup and photography.



We decide to setup our company in the Gurney Plaza. There are a few reasons why we choose it as our location. Firstly, our target market is young generation who stay in the urban area. This is because they are normally busy with their jobs and their lack of time in preparing their weddings. Besides that, they also have more buying power if compare to the rural residents. Moreover, in Pulau Pinang is a high competency place which enables us to...
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