Report: Mutual Trust Bank

Topics: Bank, Financial services, Commercial bank Pages: 3 (773 words) Published: December 6, 2012

1.1 Background of the Study:
This internship report on Mutual Trust Bank Limited (Baridhara Branch) is prepared to fulfill the partial requirement of the internship program as full Foreign Exchange subject of the BBA program of The University. In Bangladesh today financial sector is one of the most established areas in the macroeconomic sector. Economy and finance is carrier of the country. So for the aspects of economic development, banking sector must be reformed. In the process of forming a good economic system, private banks are paling an important role compare to the government banks in the country. For this reason I prepared my internship report on Mutual Trust Bank Limited.

1.2 Rational of the Study:
Mutual Trust Bank Ltd has discovered a new horizon in the field of banking area, which offers different General Banking, Investments and Foreign Exchange Banking System. General Banking, Loans and advances & Credit are the most important elements to do better or survive in the competition in the Banking Arena. So I have decided to study on the topic “ FOREIGN EXCHANGE OPERARION : A Study on Mutual Trust Bank Limited”, because of the Internship Program of the university is an integral part of the BBA program. This also provides an opportunity to the students to minimize the gap between theoretical and practical knowledge. Students are required to work on a specific topic based on their theoretical and practical knowledge acquired during the period of the internship program and then submit it to the teacher. That is why I have prepared this report

1.3 Objectives of the report:
The Primary objective of the report is:
* To fulfill the partial requirement of the internship program as a full credit subject of the BBA program. * To know about the banking sector of Bangladesh.
* To be accustomed with the management policy or process of MTBL in Bangladesh. * To get an overall idea about the management policy of MTBL as well...
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