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  • Published : June 15, 2011
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Titan Multimedia Project
Project Objective:
The objective of the project is to recreate an e-learning CD for new employees for Titan to understand how the cement manufacturing process works. The Project should contain the e-learning materials with voice implementations and images and an overview of the entire manufacturing process. Tools used:

* 3D Studio MAX
* Xilisoft Video Converter
* Adobe Flash CS 3
Aims of the project:
The first aim of the project is to create a scene inside 3ds max of the manufacturing process of cement. It will be created mainly using the spline technique and poly modeling. The scene will be exposed to an outdoor environment and will be in a deserted area. Then for each step of the manufacturing process (5 steps) there will be a rendered image of 1 frame close to the module that is being explained. There will be an introductory video of the scene from distance and there will be 2 video outputs of 120 frames each at 33 FPS for each of the 5 steps. Then we will produce an output of all the media previously described and compress the video outputs using Xilisoft video converter. We will then use flash to create an interface with buttons to be able to work with and navigate through the e-learning program the flash actions would be to start playing the videos previously rendered into a frame at the background of the interface.

Flash button Functions:
There will be an interface frame that will be used on the video frames that will have the following: * Home button
* Navigation buttons
* Search buttons
* Help and support
* Module selection buttons
The project will demonstrate the use of multimedia technologies in the use of the following tools to create a finished project: * Flash animation and action scripting
* Video and sound editing
* Modeling and animation in 3ds max
* Camera animation and path following for a camera
After the creation of the scene we will have a...
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