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Topics: Automatic identification and data capture, Speech recognition, Computer Pages: 3 (575 words) Published: December 9, 2012
Speech Recognition Software

Speech recognition systems digitize, analyze, and classify speech and sound patterns Compares to a database of sound patterns in its vocabulary
Passes recognized words to the application software
Typically requires voice recognition training

(Example: Call Center, People with disabilities that prevent them from typing have also adopted speech-recognition systems. If a user has lost the use of his hands, or for visually impaired users when it is not possible or convenient to use a Braille keyboard, the systems allow personal expression through dictation as well as control of many computer tasks. Some programs save users' speech data after every session, allowing people with progressive speech deterioriation to continue to dictate to their computers.

Speaker-independent voice recognition systems
Allows computer to recognize words from a voice it has never heard before Typically used in voice-messaging computers

(Translation of spoken words into text it is also known as automatic speech recognition Uses: healthcare military)

Optical Scanning
Devices read text or graphics and convert them into digital input for a computers Enables direct entry of data from source documents
A document management library system
Scans documents, then organizes and stores them for easy reference or retrieval (used to track items owned, orders made, bills paid, and patrons who have borrowed. )

Optical Scanning(Continued)
Compact desktop models are popular for low cost and ease of use Larger, more expensive flatbed scanners are faster and provide high-resolution color scanning Optical Character Recognition (OCR)

Software that reads characters and codes
Used to real merchandise tags, sort mail, score tests
Optical scanning wands read bar codes
(Example: Bar code Reader PCOS Machine)

Other Input Technologies
Magnetic Stripe
Reads the magnetic stripe on credit cards
(Example:Visa, Master Card, Storing...
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