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My report on the history of the guidon begins by me saying this it is the most valuable job in the company. It is used in many different events like showing the company's name in brigade or battalion meetings. The guidon was issued first in 1776 on the day of February 20. And It was quoted from Washington's headquarters and stated (as it is necessary that every regiment should be furnished Colours, and that those colours should bear some kind of similitude to the uniform of the regiment to which they belong.) The numbers on the guidon represent the unit in which that company or battalion belongs to. In 1779 the guidon was carried around everywhere on the battle field to show the strength and the courage of those men who fought straight up in head to head combat and the flag was a representation of who they were. The first Army National color was blue incorporating the design of an eagle and the name and numbers of the the unit. The United States Army flags traditionally have been used for purposed of identificaton and the fostering of espirit de corps. The present policies stem from ideas amd practices dating back to the Revolutionary War. In turn those were influenced by the military traditions of Western Europe to a great extent. General Order 19, War Department ,22 February 1862, prescribed that there should be inscribed upon the colours or guidon of all regiments and batteries the names of the battles in which they have borne a meritorious part. On 7 February 1890, the use of inscribed battle honours upon the colours was discontinued and engraved silver ring, were authorized. This practice was continued until 1918 when the silver bands short supply and the War Department then authorized the Commanding General, American Expeditionary Forces to locally procure Ribbon as a substitute and inscribe on the ribbon strips the name of special battles which is where the company and battalion streamers come from top show excellence ion...
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