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  • Published : March 13, 2013
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Small businesses are the roots of big businesses. Many big businesses laid their foundation on small business. In developing country like Nepal, development of small scale industry is most essential work. Market is becoming vast and competitive. Problems of unemployment are becoming most serious issues for the world. Developing countries are seriously attached by these issues. To cure these issues, development of small scale industries can be considered as panacea. Developed countries like USA, Germany, UK, Japan etc. have given the strong emphasis on development of small scale business.

According to small business act 1934 (USA) “A small business is one which is independently owned and operated and is not dominant in its filed.”1

Small business has multi-various contribution to the economy and Nepal is not an exception to regulate small businesses. In Nepal there are no specific legal provision, broadly they are controlled under two acts, private firm registration act 2014 and industrial enterprise act 2049.

For the fieldwork report, small scale industry named as “Temption Bakery Café” is chosen.

Temptation Bakery Café located at Siddhartha Marg, Biratnagar-13 was established in B.S. 2045 with starting capital Rs.150,000.00. Mrs. Sangeeta Byas, the proprietor of TBC is a woman entrepreneur. TBC, starting with three limited items of product, is now producing varieties of items. Although the initial period was tough for this Udhyog, it is walking on smooth ground with varieties of products extending its distribution from the factory to showroom. However, TBC is still struggling for effective channel of distribution to compete with its rival or competitors. As a result, it has opened “Hot bread and Hot Cake” center & Kiran Cake Parlor at Main Road and at Traffic Chowk respectively. All business activities are performed with certain objectives actually small business started with the purpose of earning profit through the transactions of products. Temption Bekery Café.is not exception in view at this objectives with the passes of time it has widen its objectives. The important objectives of TBC are listed below:

1.Profit Objective

Temption Bekery Café.was established with the purpose of earning profit. Normal profit is necessary for running the business in long period of time. Similarly profit is necessary for: a) Maintaining the credit worthiness.

b) Making payment to employees.
c) Making payment of operational expenses such as Telephone, electricity, stationeries, repairs etc. d) Purchase of raw materials to make products.
e) Payment of tax
f) Making a payment of financial expenses (interest)

2.Social Objective

Like other industries or business TBC is also a part of the society. Society provide the market for the consumption of its products and also help it to maintain healthy working environment. Therefore by neglecting the social obligation no business can survive in the society. So TBC gives more emphasis on social objectives by providing quality products with reasonable price to the consumer.

3.Growth Objective
Survival is also necessary in the competitive market. Therefore TBC also emphasizes growth objectives with the expansion of market size. So to survive in this dynamic business world new technology is to be necessarily accepted. By accepting this objective TBC is going to enlarge its capacity of product as well as market.

4.Human Objective
TBC help government is solving unemployment problem of country. It has employed ten employees. It also provides some career development program. 1.2Statement of problems
TBC is small scale industry like other industries or businesses TBC has also some problems in running the business. Some problems of TBC are listed below:

a)Non Availability of Raw Materials
Raw materials of this industry are sugar, ghee, wheat flour, yeast, baking poweder, Milk powder custard...
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