Report Card

Topics: High school, Left-wing politics, Political spectrum Pages: 2 (689 words) Published: October 12, 2011
The Report
As I opened the report card my eyes went into slow-motion as they glanced at the results I had made in the quarter of school that year. It would be my way of saying thank you for finally trusting me. In March of this year I was a junior at Saint Joseph High School but things there turned for the worst when the administration changed their views on how to run the student body and I knew it was time to leave and start my journey at Jonathan Law High School. Some friendships would be postponed but many would start again . My parents were against the idea of me going to a public school ever since I left it when I was in fourth grade when we moved from New York to Connecticut. Public school seemed like the right place for me, but my parents thought they knew best. It was intimidating to walk in on my first day in the middle of March as a new student, and also being a junior, I knew it was going to be like my first day of high school all over again, but I did not care because I was there to improve my grades and become the student my parents always wanted me to become. Leaving my friends was the hardest thing because I had become popular at my old school and everyone was like family there to me and none of my friends accepted the fact that it just was not for me anymore. They had to realize that I was not leaving them, I was leaving something I had no believed in anymore. I had to do what was best for me and not them anymore. As the year went on it was like I had never left though, I was always around campus whether it was a lacrosse game or a dance, and my friends were always excited to see me come through. Each day here I become more comfortable around my peers and I have opened up to them and I have something new to tell my friends every time is see them. On my way home with the report card finally given to me that day I could not stop looking at the packet in the passenger seat and I honestly think I paid more attention to...
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