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Topics: Computer program, Abstract data type, Microsoft PowerPoint Pages: 1 (385 words) Published: May 19, 2013
BIC 10404 Data Structures Project
YOUR TASK Develop a project that consists of 3 from 4 of these data structure method. Each group should have different case study. 1. Array or Linked List 2. Stack or Queue GROUP A group of 6 or 7 persons. WHAT TO TURN IN 1. You will have to write a project report (about 10-15 typed pages – single space – 12pt font) that includes:  the report will also include results you obtained. The due date for your final written report is 20- 24/ May 2013. 2. You will have to send in a fully working program, written in C. It is mandatory that you include a README file, as detailed as possible, including compilation and running instructions. Is it also mandatory that your programs are fully documented, that is they should include detailed comments on what is included in each file and what each method does. Submit your programs which include your report in a .ZIP folder name AIRPORTSIMU_GROUPNAME via Author LMS but make sure that your programs compile and run properly (example: Kehadiran_7a). Make sure you submit your programs in 20 - 24/ May 2013 (Week 13). 3. In class presentation. You will have to prepare a short presentation, to last about 10-15 minutes (questions including), where you will present the modifying and implementation decisions you made in this project. You should prepare PowerPoint slides for the LCD projector. Project presentations will take place during lab session on 20 - 24/ May 2013 (Week 13). Grading 1. Program (should compile and run correctly, have an associated README file, should be fully documented) 2. In lab presentation (presentation materials, speaking ability, presentation polish, audience contact, presentation time, questions/answers) 3. Extra - up to 10 marks Plagiarism 1. If you viewed another code (from books, lecture notes or internet), you must include a reference in your project. 2. The penalty for plagiarism in this project is a mark of 0 on the project and a further 5% is subtracted from your final...
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