Report: Ashley Bowen

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  • Published : July 23, 2012
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January 8, 1728, a baby boy named Ashley Bowen was born. He began a career in seafaring by age eleven, which lasted most of his life. He was born and grew up in a town called Marblehead, which is located in Massachusetts. Seafaring was Ashley’s career, and he made money by transporting cargo, serving in the British Navy, and trading goods. During the beginning of his seafaring career, he was only thirteen when he was apprenticed to Captain Peter Hall of Boston, who had severely beaten Bowen. Bowen had repeatedly attempted to escape Hall, but was unsuccessful till he was seventeen, which is when he spent the next eighteen years working for the other organizations. During these seafaring years, Ashley kept journals and wrote down his life process in them journals, forming today’s piece of literacy, “The Autobiography of Ashley Bowen”. (The Autobiography of Ashley Bowen 1728-1813, Daniel Vickers)

Being assigned to only ten pages of the novel, I chose to summarize my one page upon page sixty four. I chose this page because it demonstrates the many vessels he boards and how often he does this. March 12, 1755, at the age of twenty two years old, Bowen sailed from Marblehead, MA, to Lisbon; arriving in Lisbon in twenty five days. After so, he set sail from Cadiz to Oporto, which is located in Portugal just north of Lisbon, to discharge cargo and receive salt. Within thirteen weeks, Ashley then made it back home to Marblehead, MA. Bowen then shipped out as a master on the ship a-building at Boston to go to Bilbao, if there was no war. The war to come was the “Seven Years War”. August, Ashley went to Boston, launched in ship William and when the voyage was completed, they sailed out to Marblehead on September 14. They remained in Marblehead till the last day of February, which is when they sailed back out to Lisbon. The crew took so long to load, that the passage they went out to sea to ship, upset all the fish that was longered (stored). He then moved it all to the...
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