Report: Ancient Greek Society

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  • Published : June 20, 2012
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Ancient Greek Society


Greek Religion

Ancient Greek Society revolved around religion, with everything resting on the gods’ shoulders (literally). Their religion was polytheistic, as they believed in many different gods. In traditional Greek religion more power was given to the male gods, even though some females had large roles. The gods had power over nature, the most recognisable being Zeus’s power over storms and lightning and Poseidon’s mastery over earthquakes and the ocean. Homer was one of the most epic poets of that time, having written Iliad, the story of Achilles and the Trojan War and Odyssey, the story set ten years after the war of Troy and centring on the King of Ithaca, Odysseus. These poems meant a lot to the people of ancient Greece, with boys memorising them. These stories left a definite imprint about these powerful deities on peoples mind. These gods were anthropomorphic, meaning that they were human in appearance but more powerful and beautiful and also were human in their emotions. Polytheistic gods may install fear or safety into the hearts of the people but no matter what, they got the worshippers to blood sacrifice, which is considered inhumane by today’s standards.

Polytheistic societies have used human sacrifices to give a ‘gift’ to the deities they have worshipped such as Aztec sacrifices to ‘thank’ the gods for the beings’ sacrifice. The Greek people made residencies for the gods, which they would cover the ground with wine or place small cakes on the ground with sometimes going to extreme measure such as spraying sacrifices blood on the floor and then send aromas of the burnt sacrifices up to the gods and then eat the meat the sacrifices. All the sacrifices were to get the god of their choosing to protect and favour them. The voice of the gods was communicated through the oracles, priestesses that could tell the future. People would offer gifts, in hope that the gods would respond, with most gifts...
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