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Topics: Bangladesh Liberation War, Bangladesh, East Pakistan Pages: 7 (2315 words) Published: May 23, 2013
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Dr. A.H.M. Habibur Rahman
Supernumerary Professor
Department of finance
University of Dhaka

Arsha Shamini Huq
ID NO: 17-176
Section : B
Department of Finance
University of Dhaka

Dr A.H.M. Habibur Rahman
Supernumerary Professor
Department of Finance
University of Dhaka

Subject: Submission of report on “Interview with a freedom fighter of 1971 ”

I am pleased to submit this report on “Interview with a freedom fighter of 1971” as a preliminary requirement of fulfillment of this course of our BBA program.

Throughout the study, I have tried with the best of my capacity to conciliate as much information as possible.

I would like to thank you for assigning us such a responsibility and helping us on different aspects of the report. I hope you will appreciate the since effort.

Sincerely yours-

Arsha Shamini Huq

It is a great honor for me to submit this report to our respected teacher Dr A.H.M. Habibur Rahman, Supernumerary Professor, Department of Finance, University of Dhaka. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to our course teacher for providing the proper instructions and valuable guidelines for preparing this report. Course report is an essential part of BBA program as one can gather practical knowledge within the short period of time by acquiring information related to the subject. In this regard my report has been arranged according to an interview of a freedom fighter who showed great brevity during our liberation war in 1971. This report may suffer from many shortcomings, nevertheless I have exerted my best efforts in preparing this report. I seek excuse for the errors that might have occurred in spite of our best efforts.

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Executive summary




Interview of the freedom fighter



Bangladesh became a free country in 1971 after a bloody war. After the separation of India & Pakistan in 1947, Bangladesh connected to Pakistan as the name of “East Pakistan” .Although “East Pakistan” consisted 56% of total population ,It faced every kind of difference from “west Pakistan “ authority such as-economic disparities, political difference ,military imbalance ,language controversy etc .But the Bangladeshis are not a nation to bear injustice for a long time. When West Pakistan authority found that Bangladesh is raised protest against this, they tried to subdue them but in vain .As a result the war broke out on 26 March , 1971.In the war, Bengali military, paramilitary & civilians formed the” Mukti Bahini “& used guerrilla warfare tactics to fight against the West Pakistan army. On 16 December 1971 ,the Mukti Bahini defeated the Pakistan army & established liberated Bangladesh.

In this report I took an interview of a freedom fighter who fought greatly in the war


This report is required for the course “Bangladesh studies” (F-105) which is offered by the BBA program under Department of Finance, University of Dhaka. Under the supervision of our course instructor, this report is prepared on an interview. This report is based on the interview of a freedom fighter fought for our country in 1971.

There are several objectives to conduct the report. They are: •To get the proper...
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