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Viruses vs. Bacteria

Viruses and bacteria are all around us. We cannot see them without microscopes, but this doesn’t lessen the danger of infection. Knowledge about their structure, functions and consequences of prevention ignoring can safe us and our patients from serious diseases.

Virus is a small particle that can infect the cells of living organisms, and bacterium is a microorganism itself. Viruses do not perform reproduction function, as they can replicate only in case of host cell infection. There are several types of viruses and all of them are different with the structure, there are helical viruses, icosahedra viruses, enveloped viruses and complex viruses. The simplest forms of virus structure are nucleic acid and capsid. The distinctive feature of virus activity is that it doesn’t multiply by means of cell division, as it is a cellular.

Virus can infect eukaryotes and prokaryotes. Structure of a bacterium cell is that there is DNA surrounded by cytoplasm and ribosome there is a merosome and plasma membrane, cell wall and bacterial flagellum. Bacteria reproduce by means of binary fission, but primarily it has to grow to optimum size. Under particular conditions bacteria can reproduce very quickly. They are considered to be alive as they are self-sufficient in their reproduction function.

There are many types of bacteria, but only pathogenic ones can be the reason of infectious diseases arousal for example syphilis. Viruses can cause such serious human diseases, such as influenza and AIDs. The distinctive feature is that antibiotics cannot do any harm for viral diseases. The best decision in this case is preventing diseases with vaccination, which produced immunity. Also viruses need a live host to spread or asexual production. The characteristics that establish life are all living things are made up of cells, all grow and reproduce based on heritable info from DNA, all evolve and all require input of energy. Viruses are not considered...
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