Topics: World War II, World War III, Cold War Pages: 5 (1519 words) Published: January 4, 2013
Write about two poems, mentioning how they are alike and how they differ. Look at the poets ideas and use of language. What contrasting thoughts about war do they present? Which do you think is a better poem? [pic]

|The two poems that will be studied are Dulce et Decorum est, written by Wilfred Owen, which is a poem opposing World War | |I. Icarus Allsorts, by Roger McGough, focuses on nuclear warfare, it is written about fifty years after Dulce et Decorum | |est, prophesises a World War III during the height of the Cold War. | |Serious views of the disastrous situation at the Western front are depicted in a very representative manner by an | |ex-soldier who has experienced the senseless death constantly around him. Icarus Allsorts is an attack on Western Powers, | |the general world population and presence of nuclear warfare. Ironically, the poem describes the possible devastating | |effects which could be caused due to a small, yet consequential mistake. Dulce et Decorum est is a clear protest against | |the unspeakable horrors of the First World War, not expressly at pro-war poets. The barbaric slaughter of soldiers are | |graphically described to present a clear and indisputable picture of horror to the people who still believe that the | |sacrifice was acceptable. | |After the Second World War the youth wanted to be different from their parents and were involved with politics. There was | |a cult about the pressing of a button that would start another World War, invoked by fear of the Cold War. The casual | |attitude of the super-powers was a great cause for concern for many people. Unlike Dulce et Decorum est, Icarus Allsorts | |is conjecture and filled with black humour of the outrageous consequences of one person and the ease of started a | |devastating war. | |"And grinning presses the button | |That started World War Three." | |Dulce et Decorum est tells of the true effects of the war on the soldiers. It tells of present experiences rather than | |future fears that are postulated in Icarus Allsorts. Icarus Allsorts endeavours to be very general about the effects to | |various nations, its message is aimed to very antiwar and against the superficial attitude of the superpowers. Dulce et | |Decorum est is targeted at the establishment, tabloid pro-war poets, particularly Jessie Pope, who were oblivious of the | |hideous situation which young men were being sent. This poem focuses on the truth whilst Icarus Allsorts is wild | |conjecture. Truth is extremely powerful; Wilfred Owen uses his personal experience to give a very realistic picture. He | |states the situation as being his worst nightmare, but in reality, he is incapable to stop. His involvement as the soldier| |beg for his help, this he cannot deliver. Adjectives ending in ing prompt the reader feel part of Owen’s trauma as the | |sound of the g is guttural, mimicking the suffering of the soldier caught in mustard gas. | |"In all my dreams, before my helpless sight, | |He plunges at me, guttering, choking, drowning" | |Immediate separation with Wilfred Owen and the dying soldier is shown metaphorically. Vaguely, Owen watches the figure | |drowning in the sea, as viewed through a port hole window in a ship. Metaphoric reference to the sea shows the might of | |the ocean, in a storm, and the...
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