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This report is a little effort to describe the whole sections functioning in IFL-I briefly. In this piece of work we have tried to cover all unit operations as well as unit processes occurring in this plant. This report contains material about polymer process, where the reactions like esterification and polycondensation are taking place, utility section, which is a very important part of any plant, spinning and draw line section. The sections mentioned are those by which a final product in the form of fiber is availed. We have also mentioned the safety measures that must be taken for an efficient process. Over all this report covers the manufacture of polyester staple fiber at Ibrahim Fiber Limited at IFL-I. I hope this report will help one in industrial practice.

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Table Of Contents   
 Preface  Introduction  Polymer Process            Utility Section       

Polyester Raw Materials PTA MEG HTM Paste Preparation Esterification Polycondensation Catalyst & TDO Summary

Water treatment (1 &2) Boilers Cooling towers Nitrogen generation Chillers 3 

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 Compressors  Spinning Section  Properties  Process description  Quench air & A/C  Auxiliary Section      Fiber draw line              

Parts of spin pack Vacuum pyrolysis Process description Sand preparation Creel area Tow formation unit Tow guiding unit Dipping bath Draw frame-I Draw bath Draw frame-II Steam box Draw frame-III Thermosetting unit Tow cooler Draw frame-IV 4 

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        Cutter & baler

Over lapping roller Three Roller frame Tension roller Steam box Crimper Transversal unit Tow dry unit

 Cutting  Baler  Safety measures  Acknowledgement      



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Ibrahim fibers polyester plant is for the continuous production of polyethylene terepthalate (PET), staple fibers or chips (textile grade). Total plant is divided into two portions IFL-1 & IFL-2.  IFL-1 has the capacity of 186 tons/day with two lines line#14 and line#15 each having 93 tons/day capacity.  IFL-2 has a single line#17 with a capacity of 410 tons/day. Area#15 was started on 29th Dec 1996 and area#14 on 26th Feb 1997 as far as IFL2 is concerned was started recently on 02 June 2002.whole plant is equipped with “DISTRIBUTED CONTROL SYSTEM (DCS)” in which software like “PROVOX” or “DELTAV” are being used. The plant is situated at “IBRAHIM FIBERS (LTD) 38KM SHEIKHUPURA ROAD FAISALABAD”. Today it is the highest production company of Pakistan and its vision is to be sustainable, growth oriented company and achieve scale to remain competitive on the barrier free global economy.                         6   

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  Polymer  Process 

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Polyester is a term often defined as “long-chain polymers chemically composed of at least 85% by weight of an ester and a dihydric alcohol and a Terepthalic acid”. In other words, it means the linking of several esters within the fibers. Reaction of alcohol with carboxylic acid results in the formation of esters. Polyester also refers to the various polymers in which the backbones are formed by the “esterification condensation of polyfunctional alcohols and acids”....
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