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Selection and Recruitment Process of
Standard Chartered Bank:
Issues & Recommendations

Prepared for:
Ms. Khair Jahan Sogra
Associate Professor

Prepared by:

Iftekhar Ahmed Zafar
Roll # 19, MBA 37 (E)

August 29, 2005


August 29, 2005

Prof. Golam Mohammed Chowdhury
Internship and Placement Program
Institute of Business Administration
University of Dhaka

Subject: Letter of Transmittal

Dear Sir,

The following internship report has been prepared in an effort to fulfill the requirements of MBA Program.

The report focuses on the scope of improvements in the Selection and Recruitment Process of Standard Chartered Bank - a leading multinational bank in the country, where I had been attached for the internship period.

I have tried to the best of my capabilities to follow the suggestions that were given during the internship period. It will be my pleasure to clarify any matter regarding my report at any time convenient to you.


Iftekhar Ahmed Zafar
Roll # 19, MBA 37 (E)


I would like to express my deep gratitude to Ms. Khair Jahan Sogra, my faculty advisor, for allowing me to work on this interesting topic. Her advice on preparing the internship report as well as support on the subject matter enabled me to write the report in a better manner.

My sincere thanks to Mr. Selim R. F. Hussain, CFO for allowing me to do the internship while working as a full time employee. I would also like to thank the HR personnel, Mr. Michael Modhu and Ms. Gulnaz Alam Rahman for providing all the HR related information required for this report. Special thanks goes to Mr. Mohammed Ziaur Rahman, my supervisor, for showing positive feedback during the internship period. His constructive view helped me to prepare this report properly. In addition conversation with various executives through out the bank helped me to provide a more realistic look into the report.


The Standard Chartered Bank PLC is an international banking group that is incorporated in the United Kingdom, with its headquarters in London. The group focuses its activities in Asia, Africa and the Middle East and its operation is segmented under six regions: UK & US, Middle East and South Asia (MESA), South East Asia, North East Asia, India and Africa.

Globally, the key resources of SCB include:
A network of over 600 offices in 48 countries
A staff of about 25,000 people managing assets of around 47 billion pounds Standard Chartered Bank's international businesses in Personal Banking, Corporate Banking and Standard Chartered Markets are its special strengths Standard Chartered Bank also maintains correspondent relationship with over 600 banks in 157 countries around the world

With it’s bold slogan “Leading the way in Asia, Africa and the Middle East”, Standard Chartered focuses its business activities in the above three regions. Standard Chartered operates in almost all East Asian and Asia Pacific markets with the exception of North Korea. Some 60 per cent of the Group's profit come from the Asia Pacific region. Hong Kong continues to be of major importance to the Group and contributes 30 per cent of total profit. Singapore also contributes a good chunk of profit for the bank. In Middle East and South Asia (MESA), the main profit contributor is UAE. SCB Bangladesh is managed under MESA region and is placed 2nd in the region by contribution. Standard Chartered is also the leading international bank in Sub-Saharan Africa, operating in several countries, the most prominent being Kenya, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Ghana.

The Chartered Bank started operating in Bangladesh in 1948, opening a branch in Chittagong. The branch was opened mainly to facilitate the post-war reestablishment and expansion of South and Southeast Asia....
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