Topics: Finance, Fundraising, Funding Pages: 2 (395 words) Published: August 24, 2012
Name: Summer
Assignment: Report
Topic: WishKids Foundation
Last year, WishKids Foundation uses $500,000 grant from the government, to help almost 10,000 children in need. It also takes family picnic as a measure of the short of fundraising. More than $65,000 raised, thorough donations and the sale of food or some merchandise, is to be sent to disadvantaged children and their families on holiday. The problem

This year, the government will not allocate the grant, which has funded a large part of WishKids Foundation’s operations. WishKids Foundation has to face a significant shortfall of funds. The purpose of the report

This report investigates WishKids Foundation’s revenue sources and annual expenditure in the prior year, with the aim to find out financial problem and propose some feasible solutions. Findings
According to the data shown, the investigation reveals four critical results. Ⅰ Administration fees and salaries are too high
An amusing funding that the fees on administration and employees’ wages account for almost one third of the annual expenditure. This may result from hiring too many full-time staff and setting up lots of centers, while they cannot bring back the equivalent benefits, compared with the investment. Ⅱ Money spent on granting wishes is too low

Even thought over thirty-one percent of expense puts into making wishes come true for children in need, it is only a little more than administration fee. That seems the main reason why the government cuts off the funding. Ⅲ Fundraising event are useless

At the first sight, fundraising events are the second main source of the funding, taking up around twenty percent. However, it is far more not enough in contrast with its expenditure to hold such kind of activities. Fundraising and promotion cost almost twenty-six percent of the annual fees. The imbalance of payment makes them seem meaningless. Ⅳ Sales of merchandise earn double money

It seems that sales merchandise can earn a...
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