Replacing Textbooks with Tablets

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Replacing Textbooks With Tablets
Why should schools replace textbooks with tablets? More students will turn in homework, less students will have back pains from carrying to many books in book bags, school wouldn't have to spend to much money on textbooks every year.

By replacing textbooks with tablets more students will turn in homework on time. They could email homework to teachers or teachers could email the students work of what they miss that day. Students also wouldn't have the excuse of “I forgot my homework at home.“ Unless students left their tablets at home, but most likely they wouldn't forget their tablets, because its important to them and its the only thing they'd need to carry around with them.

The heavy, lagging weight of a backpack often causes long-term health issues and back pain for students. Not only do students carry textbooks around, they carry notebooks, spare paper, pens, pencils, and some students bring lunch from home. The weight all adds up. The average high school student’s backpack weights between ten and twenty-five pounds, but the average laptop weights between three and eight pounds.

Schools spend over hundreds of dollars or more on textbooks, yet the information gets outdated quickly, then have to buy up to date textbooks. Tablets are somewhat pricy, they range from 250-700 dollars depending on the year and brand . Using tablets textbook publishers, or teachers could update the information easily on electronic copies of text and cheaper, than buying up to date textbooks. It would also save our environment, we would still have lots of trees and wouldn't have to cut as many trees down.

Replacing textbooks with tablets would make things a lot easier no more heavy loads on our backs, a lot cheaper than textbooks, will be easier to update.
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