Repatriation of Afghan Refugees-Issues and Challenges

Topics: Refugee, Afghanistan, Soviet war in Afghanistan Pages: 2 (394 words) Published: April 16, 2013


Statement of the Problem


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Muhammad Shahid Hussain
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Statement of the problem

The invasion of Afghanistan by the then Soviet Union in 1979 led to mass exodus of Afghan population towards the neighboring countries of Pakistan and Iran. Because of close cultural proximity a heavy influx of refugees took place to Pakistan in the decade of 1980s which reached a peak figure of 3.2 million by 1990.Pakistan has been a host to millions of Afghan refugees for more than three decades. With the defeat of soviet backed regime, repatriation of Afghan refugees also emerged as one policy issue to be tackled by the host country and the international community. The research paper is an effort to address the issues and challenges faced in the process of repatriation of Afghan refugees since then and propose the viable options available for the stakeholders. An attempt will be made to analyze responsibilities of the host country as per Geneva Convention on Refugees. The management of the Afghan refugees i.e. the role of Ministry of SAFRON and the Commissionerate of Afghan refugees, number of refugees camps in Pakistan, support given by the international community and economic / financial assistance extended to the refugees population will also be looked into with the support of statistical data. The salient features of UNHCR assisted repatriation of Afghan refugees and trends of repatriation since 1991 will be discussed. The camps closure strategy of Pakistan has led to an emotional debate from the moral and legal point of view which needs to be probed. The consequences of refugee phenomenon like rise in crime and terrorism, the question of their involvement in illegal trades and registration as citizens of Pakistan will be discussed. Refugees...
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