Repairing Jobs That Fail to Satisfy Drainflow

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1.0 Introduction
Internal labor markets seem to have become noticeably weaker (Cappelli, 1999). The ‘new deal at work’ entails the increasing externalization of human resource processes that large organizations had traditionally internalized. Thus, organizations now facing a strategic mandate to improve, if not optimize, their recruiting practices because, in today’s increasingly market-based human resource management (HRM), effective recruitment for organizational success and survival’ (Taylor and Collins, 2000: 304).

Within the overall process of recruitment and selection, the interview is typically an important component of the assessment procedure. Globally, over 95%of large organizations use interviews as major part of the assessment procedure, and often selection decisions are based entirely on the interviews.

An interview gives the chance to gather information that is not readily available through other means. It reveals information about the person’s experience and also provides the chance to observe their communication skills first hand. The information gathered through the interview process as well as from other selection methods that may have been used, plays a vital role in the decision-making process at selection time.

2.0 Definition
An interview is simply a tool used by a potential employer to assess a candidate's ability to perform a role. The interview will normally be the first time that the employer has the opportunity to meet you. They need to assess whether or not you have the qualities to perform the role competently, the experience that you have so far in a similar role, and also whether they like you as a person and whether you are likely to fit into the team environment. It is also your chance to find out if you want to work for the company, so it is a two-way process.

2.1 Purpose of the Interview
The interview is the most critical component of the entire selection process. It serves as the primary means to collect additional information on an applicant. It serves as the basis in assessing an applicant's job-related knowledge, skills, and abilities. It is designed to decide if an individual should be interviewed further, hired, or eliminated from consideration. An agency uses the interview not only to select new employees and determine a fit, but also to sell the agency and themselves to applicants and to create favorable public relations with potential customers. Applicants use the interview to market themselves and determine which offers to accept and reject.

As the interviewee, the main purposes of the interview are to: * Communicate information about yourself, your experience and your abilities * Seek further information about the position and the organization * Evaluate the match between your needs and what the job offers

The main purposes of the interview for the interviewer are to gather relevant information about the candidate’s: * Interview preparation - interest in and knowledge of the industry, the position and the organization * Communication skills - oral presentation skills and the ability to interact with others * Qualifications - academic, work, volunteer and other experience * Leadership potential and teamwork - demonstrated ability to work with others and to get others to work together * Clear and realistic career goals - future plans and awareness of career paths * Self-awareness - realistic appraisal of self

* Motivation and success potential - enthusiasm for the position; demonstrated patterns of accomplishment * Work ethic - acceptance of responsibility, ability to keep commitments and attitude of the importance of work

2.2 Types of Interview Methods
There are different kinds of interviews though, and some jobs will require more than one, and there may be more than one interview, so it's just as well to be prepared for this eventuality. Face-to-face...
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