Renfrey Memorial Hospital

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Renfrey Memorial Hospital

While the US has more nurses and physicians than ever before, upcoming retirements and a dysfunctional workplace are creating clinical shortages that can become more severe than the industry can bear (Woods, D. 2009). According to research, half of all nurses working today were born during the baby-boomer years. Therefore, the workforce is aging at a rapid rate. As such, in efforts to prevent a mass exodus from the profession, healthcare organizations leaders are exploring innovative ways to keep experienced nurses (Larson, J, 2009). The average age of registered nurses has risen from 41 in 2002 to 48 in 2006(Bolton-Burnes L. 2007). Even more troubling, in 2006, 45% of hospital-employed RNs were at least 50 years old. Only 12% were 34 years old or younger (Bolton-Burnes, L. 2007). The average age of the American nurse has increased from 42 to 46 in just a few years. Given this fact, experts predict that more than 50% of this population will retire by 2020. Proposal for the Board at Renfrey Memorial Hospital:

Members of the nursing profession are aging, the demand for skilled nurses is increasing. Based on an assessment of healthcare providers, registered nurses comprise the largest group of healthcare practitioners. Given this reality, registered nurses have a significant impact on the healthcare system. There is a shortage of nurses throughout the United States that will grow more serious over the next 20 years (Falk-Huzar, E 2011). While everyone is struggling with how to maintain the knowledge and skill base these nurses represent in the organization, ultimately, it is the goal for hospitals and healthcare organizations to succeed by keeping productivity up and labor costs down (Bolton-Burnes, L. 2007). Significant cost savings are realized when investment in transition results in decrease nurse turnover. Given the financial crisis and the high turnover rate among seasoned nurses, it apparent that addressing this problem will certainly become more important overtime. How do health care organizations maintain their standard of care while remaining fiscally responsible? This challenge requires one to thoroughly understand the issues confronting these organizations, not only in terms of staffing, but also with regards to other issues. This prospective will consider the most prevailing issue “staffing”. Ultimately, dissatisfaction leads nurses to leave the profession prematurely, creating shortfalls that intensify the problem, harm productivity and adversely affect morals (Woods, D. 2010). We should understand that nurses are trained to sustain life, but they also want their own life (Woods, D. 2010). A considerable shortsighted prospective in staffing was for hospitals to primarily focus on incentives for newer, younger nurses. There are more hospitals now beginning to create incentives and rewards for long-term employees. In addition, a few hospitals have created financial incentives for nurses to work beyond their retirement eligibility age. In this strategy, nurses receive a bonus for each year they work beyond the age of retirement. Hospitals are expanding nurses’ compensation after ten years of employment at the hospital. This policy directly addresses the concerns of older workers that complained that all of the pay increases went to younger nurses. Changing this policy helped to increase retention of long-term employees. Nurses play a critical role in the healthcare organization (Williams, S. 2010). The Renfry Memorials crisis isn’t anything new among healthcare organizations or hospitals. In efforts to address this looming crisis, hospitals and healthcare organizations throughout the Nation began to reach out to their nursing staff by taking note of their concerns based on surveys. Many Nurses feel overwhelmed and unable to give satisfactory time to effectively meet the needs of their patients. They complain that they feel rushed by the health-care system to get...
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