Renewable Energy Technologies

Topics: Energy, Electromagnetism, Light Pages: 2 (390 words) Published: May 1, 2013
Energy is the amount of force or power when applied can move one object from one position to another or Energy defines the capacity of a system to do work. Energy exists in everybody whether they are human beings or animals or non-living things for e.g.: Jet, Light, Machines etc... Energy can have many forms: kinetic, potential, light, sound, gravitational, elastic, electromagnetic or nuclear. The many different natural and renewable energy technologies are by no means breakthrough. Many of the renewable energy technologies have been around for years, and as time go by, are increasing in efficiency. SOURCES OF ENERGY:

Energy is broadly classifies into two main groups: renewable and Non-renewable. NUMBER OF WAYS TO REDUCE ENERGY WASTE:
1. Replace old light bulbs with new florescent bulbs.
2. Turn off the lights when not in use. Never leave electrical appliances on a standby. 3. Avoid using dryers in the washing machine since they consume huge amount of electricity when switched on. 4. Turn off the water when brushing teeth and use less water for shower which will save electricity which is used to heat water. 5. Do not use light bulbs during day hours. Use sunlight as much as possible. 6. Use Ceiling fan as much as possible instead of air conditioners. 7. Switch monitors of your PC when you are going to be away from PC for more than 10 minutes. Use LCD monitors instead of CRT monitors. 8. Keep doors and windows closed when heat or air conditioning is on. 9. By lowering down the temperature you can reduce electricity. Put a layer of insulation around the water heater. 10. There are some powers saving equipment’s available which can be installed near the main point, which controls the excess supply being sent to the machine.

load shedding, is an intentionally engineered electrical power shutdown where electricity delivery is...
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