Renewable Energy in Po Touch Village Using the Power Pallet Project

Topics: Electricity, Renewable energy, Cambodia Pages: 13 (3534 words) Published: May 25, 2013
Royal University of Phnom Penh Physics Department

Renewable Energy in Po Touch Village, Kandal Province, with the Power Pallet Project Sopheak Seng and Michael Shaw

I. Abstract
Renewable energy has become an important topic in Cambodia since global warming has been known to many Cambodian people. The Royal Cambodian Government has already put their mind toward this topic, and they well understood the implications of this issue. As a result, hydroelectric dams are being built throughout the country to provide the cheaper clean energy and cut down the use of fossil fuel. Unfortunately, the inexpensive renewable electric power is not yet available to every citizen. In many provinces, people still continue to buy electricity from private companies at a high price, $0.35-$0.90 (UNDP Cambodia, 2010). Po Touch village is one of the villages where people living there have no choice and pay at least $0.3 per kilo-watt hour energy. This report has been done in order to find a new electricity power supply with a better price, and that is not harmful to the environment to provide electricity to people who live there. The village consists of about 200 houses, yet in term of a mini-scale project, we have chosen only a small group of houses to evaluate. We have decided to consider the electricity-from-waste-or-biomass. If the project is a success, we will make a further consideration of a larger project which could cover the whole village.

II. Background Information
Po Touch Village is located in Kompong Loung Commune, Ponhea Leu District, Kandal Province which is about 35 kilometers north of Phnom Penh. The village has 290 houses which are currently using the electricity power provide by the Udong Power Supply Company (the Udong Power Supply company, personal communication, May 2012), and most of the families are by the river side. The main part of the village is the area around the market which is at the southern edge. Most of the families are medium class, but there are some poor families as well.

Renewable Energy Project at Po Touch Village, Kandal Province (2012)

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Almost every house now is directly using the electricity provided by this private company. The recent price is 1200 Riel or about $0.3 per kilowatt-hour. Nearly every family in the village is using CFLs for lighting which waste a lot of energy. To find a new electricity generator, we prefer to look at a bio-energy engine from the Gasifier Experimenters Kit’s store. The electricity company is now using the fossil fuel diesel that is harmful to the environment. For this reason, we Figure 1. Position of Po Touch. This image illustrate the location of the village, north of the Capital City.[1]

want to find a generator that will run on biomass and also provide cheaper electricity.

III. Data Analysis on Current Electricity Usage
There are only 290 houses which are directly connecting to the electricity’s system of the company. However, there are more than 290 houses in the village, but the remaining houses are either not using the electric power or linking their electric system to the any houses that directly connect to the company’s system. We took the amount of electricity power used in 24 houses in October 2012 by an interview. Here are the statistics and the location of the houses. Table 1 Statistic from the interview House Number 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Electricity Power in October 2012 29 kWh 66 kWh 18 kWh 39 kWh 48 kWh 19 kWh 14 kWh 20 kWh 34 kWh 38 kWh 28 kWh 22 kWh House Number 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 Electricity Power in October 2012 50 kWh 14 kWh 27 kWh 53 kWh 54 kWh 24 kWh 24 kWh 10 kWh 22 kWh 186 kWh 174 kWh 35 kWh

Renewable Energy Project at Po Touch Village, Kandal Province (2012)

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Draft map of the middle part of the village



10 21 20

1 12

24 13 5 23 14 15
Village Road

19 18


17 22 16 8 9
Small River




5 6


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