Renewable Energy Development Guide Queensland

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Renewable Energy Project Development Guide
The information in this document is designed to assist potential renewable energy project proponents seeking information on: • renewable energy generation • site selection • transmission and distribution network connections • development planning and approvals • power purchasing arrangements • funding assistance. This Renewable Energy Project Development Guide provides a snapshot of the processes involved in developing a renewable energy project in Queensland. This guide should be viewed in conjunction with the Office of Clean Energy’s comprehensive guide, the Renewable Energy Industry Guide that provides in-depth information to assist renewable energy developers to navigate all planning, regulatory and approvals processes in Queensland. Note: This guide provides information on a range of processes that may not apply to every development situation, and is intended to be used as a guide only.

Location selection
Extensive resource mapping for wind, solar and geothermal has been undertaken in Queensland. For more information refer to the: Queensland Wind Map , Solar Atlas and Geothermal Resource Mapping Connection to either the transmission or distribution networks is a major factor when considering site selection. Distribution Network Service Providers (DNSPs) in Queensland, Ergon Energy Queensland (Ergon) and Energex Ltd (ENERGEX) have provided a Renewable Energy Network Benefit Statement to assist in identifying locations for new generation. Download the statements below: • Ergon Energy Renewable Energy Network Benefit Statement ENERGEX_Renewable _Energy_Network_ Benefit_Statement

Transmission or distribution network connection
As a general rule, generators with a generation capacity of 30 megawatts or more may require connection to the transmission network. Project proponents will need to contact the local Transmission Network Service Provider (TNSP) and make a ‘connection enquiry’ pursuant to Chapter 5 of the...
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