Rene Descartes

Topics: Mind, Thought, Reasoning Pages: 2 (662 words) Published: February 3, 2013

Rene Descartes: The Revolutionary in the Scientific Revolution Andrea L. Mercado
Devry University

The Scientific Revolution was a period of time where people began to think about why things happened and really started to question how such things happened. Critical thinkers and scientists were brought to light. The people expressed curiosity in what they have believed in and practiced in religion. They asked themselves that maybe God was not the reason for so many things on planet Earth. This was not to be confused with the belief of Atheists at this time. God was still a part of their life but did not play a sole purpose in the reason for existence of organisms on earth. The Scientific Revolution had numerous amounts of important people that had driven these thoughts. One of high importance was Rene Descartes. He was considered to be the Revolutionary of the Scientific Revolution (Perry, 2009).

Rene Descartes was a French scientist who was born on 1596 and laid to rest in 1650 (Skirry, 2008). He was a philosopher that confronted his thoughts and questions of how existence came about. Descartes had an epiphany and thought to himself that maybe everything they have ever known and practiced was not true. He started his studies only knowing minimal facts that were proven. This was in fact of his existence on earth and of his own mind. Descartes believed that people should start thinking for themselves and to not just act on what they know from tradition. He thought that he should challenge everything he was grown to believe in. Descartes believed in God but he also believed that matter was created elsewhere.

Descartes almost places himself outside his body and looks at everything and considers it false. His method was to challenge all that was known to be true. He was overwhelmed with doubt that eventually drove the growth of science and mathematics as we know today. One of...
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