Renaissance Women

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The Role of a Woman
During the Renaissance, 1300 to 1600, the role for women of the upper and lower classes were very straightforward. Women had limited participation in the world to a great extent in this time because the men were the primary factors. For example, men were the ones who got a education, had little to no repercussions for crimes and had great jobs. Women had the dos and don’ts of the Renaissance; do have a moral home, don’t shame your husband or family in anyway. Some people might say that women of this time were held on a very tight leash.

Education during the Renaissance was very clear-cut. Men would go to school and become a well-rounded renaissance man and women of the upper-class would get some education. The reason that the upper-class women would get an education was mainly so that when a woman was married to a man they would be able to hold a conversation with him and also so that a woman would know how to act at certain times. With the right education they could become what was known as a renaissance woman. But if a wife seemed to know more than her husband or any other man, she was viewed as a threat. An upper-class woman was meant solely to grave the household for her husband. Women of the lower-class had little to none education possibilities. Lower-class women would work in either a rural or urban jobs to help support their family in some occasions. Their jobs included being a goldsmith, wool merchants, butchers, bookbinders and many more things. Sometimes when a woman was skillful enough, they could be trusted to watch over their husband’s shop for a few hours of the day or even to take over her husband’s shop after he died.

Men saw women as objects at this time. When the time of marriage came around, men would look for a woman who looks like they would bare him many children. The features they would look for would be wide hips and that the woman looked healthy because if you looked sickly it was a very real possibility that...
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