Renaissance Fashion in Dresses

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Renaissance Fashion in Dresses

The Renaissance period was an interesting one that had some really elegantly designed clothing for men and women. The fashion in Renaissance period was leaning towards the wealthy designs as well as the simplistic forms. This was the period that saw the abundant use of silks and furs. The Renaissance era’s sense of fashion was extremely mesmerizing but what I found tremendously fascinating are the women’s dress designs. Here’s a detailed look at some of the design, structure, and a little history of the women’s renaissance dresses.

First of all, the design of the women’s dresses during the Renaissance era is really exquisite because of their shape, structure, and color sense. Clothing during the Renaissance period was more about displaying one’s social status. The rich would wear clothes in expensive fabrics such as silk and brocade, which were used for clothing during the Renaissance period. Women’s fashion saw an evolution during this era; Style was the prime factor. The initial costumes worn during the Renaissance period did restrict freedom to move around. Women wore around 5 layers of clothing thus forming an important factor of Renaissance clothing for women. This was probably considered as a way to keep the body warm during the cold weather.

Subsequently, the structure of the Renaissance dress design consists of the chemise, farthingale, bodice, petticoat, and then the gown. Let’s take a look at a complete outfit a Renaissance woman might have worn, item by item. The innermost layer is the Chemise. This was an underwear, a straight gown, usually made of woven linen or silk, gathered at the neck and worn as much for warmth as to protect the more expensive outer garments from skin oil and perspiration. The Next layer is the Farthingale which was like a hoop skirt. The farthingale's purpose was to support the skirt, which could be several layers. The fashion at the time was for women to be as wide as possible and...
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