Renaissance Comparison Essay

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Renaissance Comparison Essay
Déjà Lowe
Axia College at the University of Phoenix October 12, 2010

Renaissance Comparison Essay 1

The social and cultural similarities between Italian and Northern European Renaissance would be that they both believed in adding religion to instead of the medieval ways. They changed everything about the late middle ages beliefs but they took away the medieval ways and concerned themselves more with the secular, physical and educational ways. Such as, more emphasis was placed on learning Classical languages to improve translations of the Bible, studying Classical literature for its relation to Christian ideals and life, and producing artistic creations with predominantly religious themes.

The social and cultural differences were that the Italians didn’t judge people by race size or creed. The Northern Europeans judged people by their race. Italians were believed to think of one another as the same. When Northern Europeans learned from them that was one thing they didn’t take with them. The Europeans thought of singularity in their renaissance. The Italians were thought to be more modernity renaissance while Northern Europeans were more thought of being Individualist.

The relationships between the arts and culture of the two would have to be that poetry from Italy began in Italy but then flourished to Northern Europe where it was renovated. The arts were shared between the two cultures but were similar in a way. The arts began with Jacob Burckhardt. Jacob Burckhardt was said to have overdramatized how modern the renaissance was. Some think that he didn’t tell how the real renaissance was. Some seem to think that the men were more medieval than some say they...
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