Renaissance and English Poetry

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  • Published : May 21, 2013
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Does Macbeth reflect the Renaissance age and in what way?

Yes, Macbeth and the Renaissance are linked through Macbeths' pursuit of power within in the play. The pursuit of power through vile and bloody means was a big thing in the Renaissance age. If you wanted a title, as in King, to get it you either waited for that person to die or, as is what happened with most, you murdered and littered your way to the throne with bodies.

1300-1400s: guild plays >cycles of plays
which dramatized whole history of human

race (the Creation, fall from grace, etc.)

“Shakespeare’s characters represent such a vast
range of human behavior and attitudes that they
must be products of his careful observation and
fertile imagination rather than extensions of
himself. A critic named Desmond McCarthy once
said that trying to identify Shakespeare the man
in his plays is like looking at a very dim portrait
under glass: The more you peer at it, the more
you see only yourself” (294). In other words,
Shakespeare does not reveal himself in his
plays; rather, he reveals universal truths about

human nature.

- Shakespeare was more interested in
psychological truth than historical fact

⋄the struggles of “real” people

How does the ending of macbeth meet the expectations of shakespeare's renaissance audience-including king james? Q:

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The audience would expect tragedy which was common at the time. This in particular was tragedy of miscalculation. Macbeth whom after taking the witches predictions to heart, along with Lady Macbeth, murders the King of Scotland, Duncan, and then goes on to murder Banquo who may threaten their power. This is a...
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