Renaissance and Early Modern Philosophy

Topics: Renaissance, Middle Ages, Florence Pages: 1 (287 words) Published: March 5, 2013
1. Renaissance-Means rebirth, and was a time in Italy where art and learning was revived. Humanism-An intellectual movement in Renaissance Italy that focused on human potential and achievements. Secular-World not spiritual and were concerned about now, which mad up the most part of Renaissance Italy. Patrons-People who supported artists in Renaissance Italy, such as the Church and wealthy Merchants, who spent money on art to beautify Italy. Perspective-A style of art that that shows 3 dimensions of a flat surface used my many in Renaissance Italy. Vernacular-A native language to Dante who wrote in vernacular instead of Latin in Renaissance Italy. 3. In the Renaissance times a Renaissance woman was supposed to marry a strong man, be loyal to her husband and give birth to only boys. While a Renaissance man, had to be well educated, have cultural grace, understand various arts and sciences, and of course had to have been a gentleman. 4. Italy’s cities helped make it the birthplace of the Renaissance because the humanists in Florence Italy wanted to have a rebirth of art and literature. Which cause many artist and writers to flock to Florence Italy.

5. The attitude of church leaders and the wealthy toward the arts was very encouraging and positive because they would spend huge sums of money for the arts to beautify Italy. They then became patrons of the arts by financially supporting artists.

8.The differences between the Middle Ages and the Renaissance in the attitude toward worldly pleasures the Middle Ages focused mainly the life after death in Heaven. However the Renaissance is based on this life and pleasure and success only in this life, not thinking about the afterlife.
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